OTG king? - Your thoughts

I’d like to know who you think is the OTG king

(off the ground , as in off the ground comboes)

who has the best otgs and relies on otgs.

i’m working on a project and it would be nice to hear who you think relies mainly on otgs and is succesful agianst people who don’t roll.

i think guile is the otg guy.

plz post comboes , reasons ect.

  • Jin

Well, since OTGs aren’t really useful these days, it doesn’t really matter that much. But anyway, after extensive Felicia usage, I’d say she’s the master OTGer. If you don’t have Tron assist, pretty much her entire combo game relies on OTGing with supers after an rk-canceled Rolling Buckler or a c.rk.

thanks can you post some comboes?

Not much to say, really. Standing dial-a-combo into c.rk or up to s.fk XX Rolling Buckler XX Sliding Kick. From there, either OTG Please Help Me! or OTG rk Sand Splash XX Hyper Sand Splash. But that’s essential to Felicia’s gameplay, as otherwise her best combo (sans assists) is c.sk, c.fk, Hyper Sand Splash.


Mags still uses them, C.LK, C.HK.:o

It’s usually a juggle when fagneto does c.LK c.HK.

hey higher-jin, can u give some examples of y u think guile is the best? ive been messing around with him, so some examples of combos would b great… thanx

Exactly. If it was an OTG, everyone would roll and it would be useless.

Yeah, but sometimes he uses the c.hk, tri-jump hk, c.hk OTG with him and people miss the roll.

Magz man…without those sick OTG’s of his he wouldn’t be nearly the monster that he is.

well yea…actually, I guess they are juggles. They’re still ridiculous though!!


Or Dash past them after hitting with Psy AA to confuse them into rolling the wrong way.:evil: