OTG list.

Done by request.


  1. OTG’s against Hugo

12: Neutral throw into SA1 or SA2
Alex: EX Flash Chop into b+Fierce {system direction}
Necro: (Jab or EX hook) into (SA2 or HCF+K) {EX into super is system direction}
Necro: db+Fierce into SA2
Yang: 3-hit slash into command grab
Akuma: Sweep or Demon Flip slide into Raging Demon {system direction}

  1. OTG’s against Gill

Q: Back+Roundhouse into Roundhouse C&DB {system direction}
Alex: Standing Fierce into Jab Power Bomb {system direction}
Ibuki: Strong-Fierce chain into (neckbreaker or command grab or SA2 or taunt)
Ibuki: Jumping Roundhouse into command grab or SA2
Oro: Standing Fierce into command grab or EX SA1 {system direction}
Hugo: Lariat into HCB+K {system direction}
Akuma: Close Roundhouse (2 hits) into Raging Demon

  1. OTG’s against Urien

Necro: DB+Fierce into SA2
Necro: Neutral throw into SA2 (Necro gets hit by an Aegis after throwing)
Ibuki: EX spinkick into EX neckbreaker {system direction}

  1. OTG’s against 12

Ibuki: same as the ones against Gill

  1. OTG’s against Dudley

Chun-Li: (EX HCB+K or 8-hit SA3) into Kikousho {system direction}
Ryu/Ken/Akuma/Sean: throw into super, everyone knows which ones
Akuma: Raging Demon into SA2 {system direction}
Oro: Airthrow into SA2 or SA3 or EX SA3 (super must already be activated)

what’s an OTG? =)

^OTG = Off The Ground

Meaning, hitting a character even when they’re on the ground.

Thanks man, that’s clears up a few stuff, but couldn’t u have listed them as which ones can’t & can be done with System Direction?

Any chance of an OTG vid? I loved the oro random stuff vids, so this would be welcome.

A lot on there I didn’t know.

man, you guys are lazy.

That Yang one on Hugo is messed up! You could really mess u pa semi decent Hugo with that!

f1are: Love the av! Jim Kelly is the bomb!

jinrai told me about the yang one sometime last week i havn’t gotten it to work

Apparently it’s slashes into command grab, not palm. I edited the post. Still can’t get it to work though.

So far I tested and confirmed all of the non-Gill, non-system direction OTG’s except for Yang vs Hugo and Ibuki’s Strong-Fierce ones. If I had a memory card I’d try the rest.

the yang one only works when you do the slashes during SA3 and you have to knock down hugo while whiffing the 3rd slash. for some reason, if you whiff a move with a special property in SA3, the next move you connect will have the properties of the whiffed move. you see this in RX’s video where he whiffs rolling kick and then when he hits with UOH next, the UOH knocks the person in the air and where he whiffs stand roundhouse and then he is able to combo dive kick -> command grab.

anyways, by whiffing the 3rd slash, your next move gains knockdown properties and for some odd reason, you are able to OTG hugo with the command grab because of it. i’ve never done this before because it’s really hard to knock down hugo first and then whiff the 3rd slash all before he wakes up.

Thanks, pocari. I didn’t understand that part of RX’s video until now.

doesnt the last hit of qcf+k hits, that one launches you in the air…

Highly appreciated if you posted the link for this RX vid.

I don’t know where I got it, but I have it. I’ll upload it to yousendit right now~


There you go, guys.

Also, if anyone knows the song, lemme know.

good ol’ RX, bringin the heat…

is that urien mix-up mid-screen V alex just normal? no bs like the yang overhead…same question with the yang V chun.



Robert Miles - Fable.

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yeah, he OTGed it

i think with ken you can backthrow elena and then saIII. the super will catch her standing and she’ll take all the hits as if she were standing

It’s a juggle, not an OTG. It works on Oro and Elena only.

Click here: http://media.putfile.com/ShippuJuggle