OTG/OTG assist help in UMvC3


I recently purchased UMvC3 and im having a little trouble understanding a few concepts behing otg’s and otg assists.

1.) What am I supposed to be doing after an otg?
It seems as though every time I hit an OTG, such as deadpools Katanarama, or Striders satellite I launch the opponent and after one hit it always drops the combo. I want sure if your only option was to super out of it, or If im just missing something, but any help there would be greatly appreciated.

2.) After I launch an opponent back to the ground I can hardly ever get an otg assist to work. I watch videos and it seems like after every one else lands they have a huge window to call in this assist, but when i do, I feel like I only have a few milliseconds. Is this do to my poor timing? and/or Is there some way of getting to the ground faster after I launch an opponent back towards it?

any help is greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance!

  1. Damage, and as much as you can, duh. Just about everyone in the game can do launch, air.MMHS, (call Wesker for OTG gun), launch, air.MMHS. If you see them flipping out before you can do that, chances are you’re getting excited and using Light attacks. Dont use light attacks especially in the air. It causing the hit stun scaling to kick in faster and they do crap damage. Unless you have a damn good reason where no other normal will do the job, do not use light normal attacks!
  2. Id bet the difference is you’re mashing out your air combo as quickly as possible, while the ones you’ve seen know the timing and delay the combo as much as comfortably possible. If you do air MMHS as quick as possible, there’s a long amount of time after your S where you’re still falling, and they are on the ground.
    Air S causes a hard knock down, where the opponent is stuck on the ground, OTG’able, for some set X amount of time.
    You still have to fall down and hit the ground after doing the S. If you have a long amount to fall, all or some of the X ground time has already passed.
    If you delay the hits so that the MMHS is slower, you’ll be closer to the ground when you get to the S, meaning you land sooner after the S, meaning less of the X time has passed, giving you more time to OTG.

Can’t really be any more helpful without specifics, and you didn’t post up your teams or example combos you’re having trouble with.


Marvel 3 has hitstun scaling, which decreases your comboability the longer the combo has gone on. OTGs are particularly unfriendly to this, so you need to hit your combo much faster and use higher-hitstun moves. For example:

Deadpool’s basic air combo is j.MMHS. With his basic relaunch, that 's not commonly used. What you want to do is:
cr.LMH S sj.MMHS Katanarama (OTG) Chimichangas! dash S (so you get the launch after the wallbounce, might not need to dash) j.H S and then OTG on the way down with air gun super (QCF+AA). You’ll notice that the post-launch bit is much simpler and uses only j.H and j.S, which have more stun.

Delay your combo and jump a bit later. If you watch experienced players doing air combos, you’ll see that they hit the j.S when they are as close as possible and the opponent has been lifted as high as they can get. That makes it so they land as soon as possible and the opponent has more distance to fall, so the OTG is easier. It’s especially noticeable if you watch a Skrull player - I’d recommend taking a look in the Skrull video thread and watching how the air combo goes when they otg with [H] (they land on the ground and charge up a burning punch that OTGs and wallbounces), because that move is so slow but very damaging.

For OTG assists, call the assist as soon as you hit the ground after the air combo has been delayed as long as possible.


Thanks guys, both were very informative and helpful. the reason that I didnt post my teams, was because I was just having trouble with this problem in general. I plan on doing my research now, I just didnt want to take up any unnecessary time where I could possibly find the info myself.


Example of the Skrull thing I was talking about:


Watch how he slows down his air combo to get the OTG charged.