OTG Torpedo



I couldn’t find anything on this and if someone has posted something about it already i wasn’t able to find it, anyways, it seem a lot of people like myself seem to have problems doing the OTG Torpedo after knockdown fast enough for it to actually hit, any help or tips would be much appreciated.


“After the initial :s: launch, delay each input for the air chain to ensure air :s: hits low as possible in the air.”
-from the MVC3 brady guide.

i was totally stuck til i read that in the guide too. definitely worth getting!:woot:

it should make it ezier to hit the :d::d::s: to :f::l:



Also, this may be obvious, but make sure you’re buffering the d,d input while you’re in the air just before landing. Do it too early and you’ll just get a standing S. Do it too late and you won’t enter runner’s stance immediately.


Thank you both for your help, ill start practicing it some more, I might have to pick that guide up too, it seems pretty informative.


yeah delay the S as long as possible and buffer the 22 input.
ive pretty much trained my muscle memory to quickly tap 22S6L when i hit the ground. practice it a few times. dont even think, just press the buttons real fast. itll work.

lately though ive been using senton bomb cancel shenangans off of launchers instead


I find that the speed of the hits in the air isn’t too important, except the final hit with S. You have to delay it, but the other hits don’t matter too much. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out how fast to do each hit, just do them at a decent rate and delay the S. It’s not really difficult at all once you get the hang of it! Good luck!


slow down young grasshopper… dont tap S til character is on the way down


Wow, what an easy thing to mess up on.

You’re going to have a long and fun time learning she-hulk in training mode. :slight_smile:


nah i had this problem at first too. its not necessarily that you ‘mess up’, its just that youre afraid the combo was going to drop, so you dont delay the S long enough.

but seriously if you just delay that S, you have plenty of time to do the otg.

another easy thing to try that combofiend does, is just do, launch, j.M, pause, j.H, pause, j.S that should also give you plenty of time.