I am having a heck of a time OTGing with Dormammu…I usually miss the timing with Purification, both from him as a point character, and an assist. Any tips you guys have on hitting that OTGs more often? Also, Flame carpet, what can I do with that? I know can OTG with it, but he can’t cancel into anything from it, so do I have to link stuff; or use an assist to keep the combo going?

Delay your air S in a MMHS air series so you fall to the ground the same time as your opponent.That’ll give you plenty of time for OTG pillar.

Flame carpet needs assists to be able to extend combos with it mid screen.If you must, you can OTG with flame carpet then immediately XF cancel and launch into another MMHS air series.

It sounds like you’re relatively new to dormmamu so you should just try and learn the pillar OTG xx chaotic flame ender.

I am fairly new to Dormammu, but he definitely seems interesting. I’ll try delaying the Air.S, thanks for the tip.

Yeah that should solve your problem.Unless you’re having a problem with the actual input? Just practice dragon punch motions over and over again in training mode.

It is a little bit of both, I hate DP motions. lol Its such an odd motion for me to do. Other issue I have, is even getting the stand MMHS to connect. I can get the MM, but always seem to miss the heavy and special…I guess I need to change the timing of my button presses…that would be my guess.

For that you need to be launching the opponent and then starting the MMHS sequence early in the jump, that gives you enough time to get the rest of it to land. You ideally want to be hitting them with the M as soon as possible after the launch.

On the ground if you do LMHS while standing they will be launched higher up than if you did crouching LMHS, meaning it can be harder to get MMHS and sometimes you need to cut it short and just do MHS or MMS in the air, or the S might miss. If you keep practising all of it though you soon see where and when you can do different things, and realise why things miss and where you can improve it etc.

I see. I will have to go into the lab and mess around with him some more. I don’t plan on abandoning him, its just the little things when learning a new character that can be frustrating.

Dormammu is my fave character even back in vanilla and it also took me a long time to learn how to use him. Back when I was playing my main games (Tekken/SC) I played characters that didn’t make use of DP motions so it was kind of hard to play Dorm at first. Now I can get DP motions consistently, my reverse DP motions are still kind of slow though but I’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

Flame carpet is XF cancelable. Back in vanilla it was so easy to relaunch using flame carpet + assist. Now flame carpet pushes characters further away but relaunching is still possible. I’m currently using Deadpool’s Quickwork assist to relaunch. The flame carpet pushes opponents far but Quickwork flips them back towards Dorm for a relaunch. There are even more combinations in the corner. You can also go for a direct OTG assist like Wesker’s gun. Try finding assists that work well for you.