Other Fighters - Good Games


:tup: To avoid having multiple stickies for all the fighting games, we’ll just use one and include all of them. Have at you… dood!


Gamers, Haters & Mods…Oh My!

Wow, this ought to be interesting. This is going to be “one” crowded ass thread! Especially when the new games are released in the North America. :bgrin:


“If you want to find the good players just check the HD Remix GGs thread”

Guess I can’t say this anymore :frowning:


:wonder: It really shouldn’t be that bad. The Computer and Handheld Matchmaking forums of SRK has one good games thread used for 2DF, GGPO, Kaillera, MAME and the games played on them and it seems to do well… dood.


Ya but like you should know how close a lot of us are in that particular thread. It’s not like SF4 where it seems like people are just against each other, or the stupid threads that come up from time to time calling each other out. HDR PSN is almost like our own team, I’m just sad to see it go, especially since it’s still very active!


:tup: I went ahead and re-opened the thread. It’s still unstickied but it should stay on the 1st page since it’s an active thread, much like the MGO thread does… dood!


Time to tear it up with Litchi in BB!


Yeah, I agree with having our own threads for that particular game. Tekken 6 is only a few months away and you know there’s going to be a huge scene ready to post and who knows how popular XII will be. There’d be at least 5 to 10 pages (even more) a day for this all-in-one thread.


Yeah that was my point exactly! This thread is going to be way too convoluted and crowded. I’ll have to weed through a hundred posts just to see what a fellow gamer posted a minute ago about our match for a particular game or what not.

C’mon dude! This is going to be nuts! :looney:


Can’t we do the same thing with SF4? I mean that’s “THE” fighting game right now, dood?


ggs met. kmt, art, gnx!

fun room :smiley:


ggs Menik_SRK. i would’ve preferred to have just played your gen the whole time, but towards the end i think you caught that vibe. interesting stuff!


SFHD Shout Outs…

GGs to **Halfro, GNX84, EnrichedWheat **and KTM


yeah that was a good room, sorry I had to leave so soon guys GGs



Ggs Nerdo,

Nice vega. I was trying to get bodied though :slight_smile:


I’m such a scrub with Claw (yeah, yeah, in general too). GGs lately to Haksakoun, Half, Leon0wski(sp?), and Titan for putting up with my scrubby Claw.

Look forward to more schooling for my Vega. You all (and others) have shown me I have a ways to go.


I’m wanting to pick up BlazBlue. Add me for games and stuff… or something.


GG to everyone last week. Prepared me good for my tourney yesterday.


somebody play me in SFIV please! After u get second round in g1 there is a 20 minute wait…


Gg’s to nameless yesterday in sf4.