Other Fighting Engines


We are here because we love to fight. (Digitally) We all have our favorite fighting games, obviously. But most are cut from the same or similarly sequined cloth. Are there other fighting engines you have found yourself a fan of? Games that don’t specialize in Hados or SRKs? Perhaps it’s a long dead franchise? (Killer Instinct; Clay Fighter) Maybe a licensed game? (Naruto; Dragon Ball Z) What about more of a Sim game? (Fight Night; UFC; WWE) Or something else entirely. (Destrega; Power Stone) Why did you like this fighting engine? (Innovative; different; well balanced; strategic) Speak up! Let’s get nostalgic!

  • With a few tweaks, well maybe more than a few, the Naruto UNS series could be something very surprising.

  • DBZ Budokai 3 was a fascinating study in how a terrible fighting engine could be tweaked into something partially competitive and smooth.

  • Looking back, Killer Instinct was the ‘NFL Blitz’ of 2D fighters. Very bad game for newbies to jump on if they haven’t played other fighters first. KI2, also in hindsight, was a hodgepodge of systems that didn’t quite fit.

  • Power Rangers Fighting Edition was Marvel before Marvel was Marvel.

  • ‘Realistic’ fighting games (Boxing, UFC, …WWE?) have no incentive to be balanced since they’re going for simulation (and life isn’t balanced). However, Def Jam Fight for New York was something quite surprising and fun.

  • Without raising old arguments about the differences between iterations; the Smash Bros. series in general is the last truly original fighting game design. Non-traditional as it is, you won’t find other alternate systems as well put together.


I wholeheartedly agree. They could of just made an ordinary fighting game and threw in Nintendo characters. But instead, they make their own fighting engine that others would then copy.


I’d make an argument for the case of the Capcom-developed, Bamco-produced Gundam Vs. series, which I’ve been turned on to relatively recently. On the surface, it may seem like something that jocks Virtual ON’s style, but over time, it’s truly become something unto itself. Now-a-days, the series has air dashes and various formers of cancels like some of the “anime” fighters out there (among other things), while also making team-play dynamics an integral part of the game itself. Because after all, if your partner dies too many times, it’s GG for you just as much as it is him. :lol:

Frankly, the main (or rather only) reason the series probably hasn’t caught more attention has likely been due to the last few games being PSP-only. That’s why a good number of us are hoping that we could be talking about a PS3 home version within a year from now.


I haven’t checked out that Gundam series. I will now, sounds interesting.


Feel free to check out the GameFAQs forum for Gundam Extreme Vs. It’s basically the most up to date, English-speaking resource for the game, plus has links to vids.

Also, since the OP mentioned it, I DID love myself some Destrega back in the day. Which only makes me sad that Koei, even now that they’ve done their little Fusion Dance with Tecmo, won’t give that game a sequel.

On that same note, I wonder if Taito will get around to ever finishing “Project Psychic” (a proposed PS3 sequel to Psychic Force). It was certainly announced around the time that PS3 was its infancy, but nothing has been heard on that game ever since.


Speaking of Gundam, I’ve been playing myself some Gundam Battle Assault 2 lately.

That game is mad solid.

I wish I could get the GameShark codes to work on my emulator properly because I really wanna play around with those hidden characters.


Gah, I have to get these Gundam games! As for the topic at hand, I’d say Powerstone is pretty genius. That’s one franchise I’d love for them to revive. Alas…


Putting Power Stone on PSP was professional trolling.


Def Jam: Fight for NY…classic.


Also, since the OP mentioned it, I DID love myself some Destrega back in the day. Which only makes me sad that Koei, even now that they’ve done their little Fusion Dance with Tecmo, won’t give that game a sequel.

Destrega sits in my collection at the behest of my favorite Playstation Fanboy. I had never heard of it, but I loved it. I like different.


i like donjon engines


Sango Fighter - www.sangofighter.com

it’s actually quite shit but i like it.


I’m a fan of Budokai 3, which was a decent attempt at making a fighting engine that works. Apparently, Infinite World took things further and improved on what Budokai 3 started.


X-men Next Dimension, glitches/bugs aside, had a fun engine. I haven’t played Mutant Academy 2 but from what I’ve seen, it’s the same engine, only more fun looking.


TMNT: Tournament fighters is incredibly solid. It surprises me how good that game is. If we could that game with a less broken Ralph it would be nuts.


Tech Romancer

The game, not me


I loved the first Budokai, but I never played the later ones.


You are tripping hard.


I love Yu Yu Hakusho Makyou Tohissen’s engine.