Other games to play online

I looked in this forum for anyone who had made a thread recommending lesser played online games for online play, and really it was somewhat difficult as I could not think of a search string that would work, so I just scanned a few pages of the forum. So I apologize in advance if a thread of this nature has been made, and would appreciate any links to said topics.

If not, here’s my question, what are some other games (beyond fighters, since I think on SRK we all know those) that you also like to play online?

I like fighters, but sometimes it’s fun to try a game with your friends that takes an entirely different skill set, my recommendations:

Twinklestar Sprites (Never actually played anyone online, only off.)
[]+ Competitive Vertical Shooter
]+ Not that affected by lag because of bombs
[]- Characters aren’t that balanced
]- Lag spikes can make certain things un-dodgeable I’d suppose

2020 Baseball (I’m sure more of you know about this one.)
[]+ Arcade head to head baseball oldskool style
]- Lag can make it difficult to time hitting the ball

^Mostly playing with the “list” function, since well, never used it on a forum, but it may be useful to a person considering if it’s a game they’d like to try.

So what games do you like to play other than the assumed fighters?

Listing games I play and/or ones I see. Not including side-scrolling beat’em ups.

Super Dodge-ball, never played it but it looks interesting

Bomberman World

Magical Drop 2 or 3 (puzzle)

I’m sure everyone knows of Puzzle Fighter and Puzzle Bobble.

Taisen Tokkae-dama -need Mame 90 at least. Very fun puzzle game, I’m told it’s like Tetris Attack (as a side note it’s only slightly more balanced than Puzzle Fighter, which isn’t saying much at all.)

Uo Poko - 2 player team puzzle game, but people will probably get turned off by the cute cats. It’s an interesting challenge though, since you and your teammate have to coordinate.

Pop’n Bounce/Gapporin - only played this offline…seems like a 2 player breakout clone. I have a strong feeling this would be hell in lag/delay though.

Pang 3 and Mighty Pang - 2(+?) Player puzzle-ish game where you stab/pop bubbles with grappling hooks.

Rampage - :wgrin:

Frogger. 'Nuff said. (yeah, you take turns…)

Always wanted to play Crossed Swords with someone, think Punch-Out except you’re a knight, with Neo-Geo grade graphics (it’s an NG game).

Tried Uo Poko, was actually pretty fun, at first I thought I may drown in cutesy, but I found myself liking it.

I always sucked at Cross Swords, I just couldn’t react quickly enough to block blows, since the bad guys don’t telegraph their moves as much as Punch-Out imo.

I don’t know how well it would play online, but Windjammers is another good game to play. (Neo-Geo)

Thanks for meantioning Twinklestar sprites!
great game :smiley:

non fighting games that i often play against friends on kaillera:

  • super dodge ball
  • super sidekicks 3
  • magical drop 3