Other Publishers and General Comic Book Discussion Thread

Couple of general rules and reminders.

Not everybody is reading what you are. If you’re posting some spoilers then put spoiler tags. Don’t be a dick.

We don’t do that vs. bullshit here.

Carpet Lint loves Origin.

i fucking hate you leigh

NOOOOOOOOOO!!! So much in there that we worked to post!!! WHY!?

Anyway, Dr. Strange: The Oath. Read that shit! And 9 more issues of Y The Last Man left.

reporting for duty

You should read what I put in the old thread.

I know. I did. Just felt like being epic for no reason. Now go read Dr. Strange: The Oath.

Goodbye old comic book thread. I’ll miss you.:sad: (Makes me wonder if my “Currently Playing” Games Thread will be relaunched)

Death, you brought up a good point about 52 and Civil War. Didn’t know 52 had different artists, though I should have guessed. Can Steve McNiven really be having that much trouble with a monthly series, though? Ugh. I just can’t stand the waiting.

World War Hulk sounds like it’s gonna be dope. Thanks for the info on it in the now defunct comics thread, sano.

Yup. And they also have about 4 writers on the book. So, it makes their jobs easier. I still think week 45 is where the book get’s delayed. And Green Lantern is SOOOOOOOOOOO behind schedule it’s not even funny. It’s sad when you’re in the month of November and you’re reading a book that was due out in August. WTF?

Eh sounds good to me, R.I.P. old comic book thread.

Yo Reggie, I’ve been saying that for MONTHS now about world war hulk, and these guys still aren’t amazed yet lol.

Oh aruron I finally checked out JLA’S Heaven’s ladder, alot of crazy art work from Hitch indeed loved the fight scenes alot.

Yeah, it is. I’m just not going to do it now.

[quote=“Rage02fire, post:9, topic:19604”]

Yo Reggie, I’ve been saying that for MONTHS now about world war hulk, and these guys still aren’t amazed yet lol.


I’ve heard about World War Hulk on wiki but the info was very vague. Now that I’ve heard more it sounds like it’s gonna be pretty sweet. Makes me excited for May '07. If I were the Hulk and my friends exiled me, I’d be pretty ticked off. From the Hulk #100 that I read, (this is the first time I’ve ever read an issue of Incredible Hulk outside of Essential Hulk vol. 1) it sounds like the Hulk is super strong AND has his intelligence. And he still gets the power boost in brute force when he gets mad. That is one Hulk you don’t wanna mess with. Was Betty Ross ever brought back?

(My Currently Playing Games Thread will be relaunched. Noooooo!! That was the best thread I ever made anywhere. EVER!!:sad: Eh, I’ll live.)

go read annihilation white man.

BAH :arazz: the ending of that issue was predictable since the proleauge of annihilation.

Reggie, no betty hasn’t came back yet and the smart hulk your seeing in planet hulk right now is post heroes reborn hulk.

Ah, it’s managable again.

No major new comics for me right now, but Ultimate Alliance is the shit.

I miss the continuity of our old thread.

yea the white man retconned everything. i bet he was punching a wall

RIP Old Comic thread,

And I think Betty is back or she was cloned during the early part of the Bruce Jones run on the title.

goodbye sweet prince (old thread)

Anyone reading X-Factor right now. Im on issue 9 or 10 and im enjoying it. PAD = good writer.

This continuity of the other thread was too complex for new readers to get into so this is the Ultimate version. :rofl:

Here’s the article on World War Hulk I posted on the other thread anyway.