Other Uses Of Ultra?

Should SF try to find other uses for Ultra meter, besides your ultra? Maybe combo breakers, throw techs after being thrown (rather than only when thrown), combine it with the super meter maybe?

I feel it needs to be more used, rather than just Ultra attacks

I was playing against Poongko’s Ryu last weekend. I was beating him in this particular round by a considerable amount. Knowing his rushdown style, I decided to hang back and work on keeping him out, rather than let him hit me with some stun combos and kill me.

I threw a kikouken from over half-screen distance. He dashed forward and did Ultra. I had more than enough time to block. But while I was in block stun, he did RH Tatsu which got him in close, and then when he landed he did DP FADC EX Tatsu to take off a nice chunk of my life. So basically, he just used the ultra to cancel my kikouken and keep me in place so he could close the distance and hit me with big damage.

Surprised the shit outta me.

actually that’s pretty bad ass
best I got is Bison slide -> ultra shenanigans :stuck_out_tongue:

not being a dick, but that wasn’t what i was referring to in the OP…but still, if people wanna throw out wierd Ultra’s they nailed, or used in badass ways, go nuts…keep in mind that afforementioned one was pretty dirty

Alpha-counter style shit would be nice. As a dictator player I don’t really get to use my ultra very often anyway so I’m welcome to any other use of the meter.

Id actually like to see alpha counters or something happen with it seeing that a lot of the characters have no practical use for it. cough guile. cough

you already have the focus attack as a counter.

This is so hot I need to unbutton my collar.

Or Capcom could just…make…people’s bad ultra’s better?

That should go without saying, though. Even with everyone’s Ultra at a “perfect” level, I would prefer some changes to it.

Personally, I would like to be able to keep my Ultra from round to round, but that would require a complete redo of the system, or else people would start rounds with full Ultra every time.

There should also be a way to earn your meter, so that people who are losing don’t just get a second chance. Maybe if, any time you use a FA in a combo, the total damage/number or hits dealt is turned into Ultra meter. IE: Lv2 FA, combo or combo, FA, combo. If it was designed to be based on number of hits to gain meter, then the player can choose to either deal more damage to his opponent NOW or poke at him a bit more to go for the bigger Ultra Combo later.

timer scam, anyone?

I know what you mean, I often times deliberately focus absorb attacks I would otherwise just dodge in an attempt to have Ultra. Some Ultras pose certain threats (Chun, Abel locking down projectiles) and it’s a shame I cannot possess it without eating a certain amount of damage.

Also, I really doubt there’ll be a ‘dash’ (Why do people call it this btw?) or second iteration of SFIV … But we can hope.

Capcom at this point has all but said that it’s coming.

My favorite use of ultra, when there’s 5 seconds left and your running away, use the animation to waste time! It’s awesome cause it can be super random, if they do a counter ultra then the rounds over cause of the animation.

Oh well that’s promising, hopefully they undo some of their unnecessary ‘balances’ to certain characters.

Oh and I don’t know where to ask this but … I’m curious, why does everyone refer to the prospective second iteration of a game as ‘Dash’?

^In America, we refer to the first revision of SFII as “Champion Edition”. In Japan, it was Street Fighter II’ or “Street Fighter II Dash”.

So people refer to the potential SFIV update as “Dash” as a ref to the original SFII update. If the SFIV update does happen, I hope it gets a better name than “Dash” personally.

Remember Street Fighter II Champion Edition? It was known as “Street Fighter II Dash”, in Japan.

I made a post awhile back, which you can find here, that talks about Capcom’s apparently business model with the Street Fighter games and when we can expect another SFIV.


I STILL want full super + full ultra = ???

Personally I kinda want an Alpha 3 system, where you can choose your super/ultra bar types. Shit was so cash, and it really broadened the variety and ways to play.

A roster of 25 characters would suddenly become a roster of 50+ with that kind of change, because, realistically, you would not play the same character the same way between A-Ism and V-Ism.

Of course, it’s abit much to ask for at this stage, but I still think it would be sweet.

I felt more like it broadened your choices of whether you wanted to play as a big cripple, a normal version of your character, and an execution-heavy I’m-so-broken-that-not-even-the-clock-can-handle-me mode. They should have just named the isms Standard, Expert, and Old-Time Comedy.

I wonder if your even qualified to be asking questions of this nature or if you are just some bored scrub-kid.