Other Uses Of Ultra?


Yeah A3 was kinda broken, you HAD to use V-Ism with 95% of the cast if you wanted to be competitive.

And forget sf4 easy as ass combos due to shortcut system, keeping someone juggled with v-ism was hard as fuck in A3

I’d rather they get the balance on the existing cast even tighter than blow existing balance to hell by doing something like that.

This post was not thought out. At all.

haha pretty damn cool musta been to play the guy

Bah theres already alot going on with ex moves and FA + FC, airblock would be nice, i just think capcom should of made it more balanced like why sagat UC hurt like shzt and sakuras does little damage makes no sense.

Combo breaker would be kinda worthless since the highest of combos goes to like 10 hits anyways and breaking ultra combos would be cheap.

Maybe if they let you use a full ultra bar as 2 super bars and do a cancel w/ it, since some people never use ultra anyways.

I use vega, and its pretty useful to get out of the corner. No other uses than that for me though

No! I don’t want the game to encourage turtles any more than it already does!

You already have a super meter. Revenge meter is for ultras. Period. If your character’s ultra sucks, that’s something that needs to be fixed, no reason to change things for everyone. It’s retarded enough that taking damage increases bother revenge meter and super meter.

the ultras are fine this game with being gone each start of the round. carrying them over to the next is retarded. thats why you have your ex gauges and super meter for.

Wish you had video…sounds cool.

SFIV is fine the way it is.
I hope no changes come to it.
If you want it to play more like A3, then maybe you are playing the wrong game.

No SFIV has some issues, the lone comparison of Rufus and Chun’s Ultra should be embarrassing.

I don’t want to whine here so I’ll leave it at that but, SFIV while completely playable, is far from fine.

What is with all these random ass question/opinionated improvement threads lately? Is this Bungie.net now?

What’s with this comapring this forum with other sites like gamefaqs and now bungie.net? =P

It’s called making conversation about Street Fighter IV in a Street Fighter IV forum.

Why are you so bothered by a thread that you didn’t even have to look at that you felt the need to post a comment? A comment that is in no way contributing to the topic of the thread.


Meh, I just think it would be cool. Roses AC in SF4 would be hawtness

That’s why I think a new Revenge system would be a good idea. Perhaps you could still gain some meter by taking damage, but there would be no possible way for you to actually have an Ultra ready by this means only. You would have to take specific action towards it.

But if there were to change the way the Ultras were gained and how they behaved, it could be alright to have your meter carry on to the next round. Leaving Ultras as they are now and making THOSE carry over to the next round would be fucking stupid.

People do this everywhere they go. You’ve never gone to a restaurant with friends and hear someone say “It would be nice if…” ?

as long as the ultra and super meters are the kept the same and there isnt any custom combo business going on then im all for change.
adjusting damage on peoples ultras or giving them different ones altogether would be fine, just as long as it isn’t changed into SFA4.

well going back to the original post that derailed into another SF4 wishful thinking thread, it’s kind of hard to make use of a mechanic that was solely intended to be used for getting back in the fight. If you really think about all the character’s ultras, there isn’t really any other use to most of them than to do just that. You’re lucky if your ultra does chip damage, or quickly recovers. Zangief for example… no way at all that his ultra could be used for anything aside from laying down the smack.

It might be nice if the ultra meter evolved into “something else”, but then it’d probably be some [media=youtube]L4ohXi90Tw0"[/media] that would barely identify as street fighter anymore. We don’t need anymore automated specials and tricks. The game is good and competitive when it’s pure and basic.:china:

I think SRK could really use more useless threads by Sovi3t.