Otown @ Battle for Bus Fare


I wanna go. I’m gonna bus by myself worst case scenario. Unless someone wants to drive/bus for discount.

Nagata has XvSF on the bill, plus it’s all arcade. Post up, let’s organize something.

Because of the date this was posted I wasn’t sure if you were posting and April Fools joke.

Anyway, it’d be good if you guys could come down. We’re adding Team Tournaments to the roster.

i’m interested

I’m talking to Arun about going, but he’s worried about exams.

Luckily I’m not in school. we’ll see.

I’m interested, and can possibly bring an interested friend or 2.
Man, I hope we dont get stuck facing off again at the start… Hugo vs Hugo isnt nearly as fun as Hugo vs anyone else.

i’m confident that whoever runs the 3s bracket will be seeding by region

In other words, Ottawa people will likely not face off against Ottawa people initially?

That would be correct. In the case of out of town players, we always seed by region and skill afterwards. If Ottawa has attended a T Tournament wherein they played each other in the first round I am very sorry. That situation is not encouraged by any of my former directors and would have resulted in a floating of the bracket if it was brought to my attention.

I don’t recall ever having a problem. Eventually our best players are destined to meet each other, but that’s inevitable.

I want to use Geese…

Where is the tournament, exactly? In Toronto bus station? :rofl::rolleyes:



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