Ottawa April 2007 Thread

4 months till T8

MAT gave us a powerful lesson

triumph or DIE!

we got work to do.

lol Success is finally #1

T8, Myles and myself are bringing that shit down in Super Turbo.

You know what that means Myles. I’m going to bring my PS2 all the time now and get some practice in as much as possible. Gotta get my Guile up to par.

yo CB … the interview u posted is kinda old … wana sumthin new ?? chek out out how i beasted the mtl top 3 players one by one :stuck_out_tongue: … oh eyea you were on my team !! 10 % dat shiet …

Nobody Blink!

Nani, Super Saiyajin?


Ryad: Dont u ever mention her name again u backstabbin son of a…and is that what u think of me? armless zombie? thats the best u can think of…? u will get urs, f#@% up my dream will u. heh, i will destory whats precious to u and i have it right in my possession. hahahhahahahaaHAHAAAA!

ps. ur stick is in good hands. i’ll take good care of it. very nice pic, it had ppl talkin at mat.

errr, i didn’t post anything?..maybe someone using my account. i don’t know what you’re talking about.
did i meet you @ mat?

anywayz, good games everyone, big ups to anyone who i played with


all i know is buffalo fingers > you…

i just thought of that shit again and i was in tears laughing at work…

buffalo fingers… le beasting.

p.s. This is for Alex:

3S Singles (29 Players)

13th - Ranaku <-- rofl
17th - Pereira <-- …

just be thankful PLA didnt go or he would never let u live this down…

i think he would say something along the lines of “O no… Alex what happened”

9th - Gerjay

Now THAT’S a shock, considering I come dead last in any TO tourney I join :stuck_out_tongue: You guys gotta catch up in 3S!!! You are monsters in CvS2 though, I keep hearing the stories about Mr. Autoparry.

Gerjay MM 3s $10 3/5 t8? u got me twice w/ the ex overhead ftw… revenge!!!

rofl… Ehsan talk pas shit
Kheim = 17th
Ehsan = 25th.

Kheim, le beasting!

You’re a beast who I didn’t deserve to beat, but okay :stuck_out_tongue: Should be fun, I hope to improve by then.

lol, i fought an ibuki. what the hell am i supposed to do against that? it was like playing a new game, or second impact or something.

p.s. looks like they found out about your autoparry hacks. hopefully they’ll let you enter more tournies in the future anyway.

normally i come dead last in all my 3s tournies. Samir and phoun taught me too much before the tournament.

MAT was great, i just couldnt perfom at all the second day, sorry guys i really misrepresented ottawa playing in the state i did on sat.


Roger/Ratio1beatdown, great matches in everything i played you in, i hope to pratice again with you soon

Parerick/Joker, always a great time man, been playing with ya for what seems like forever now,

Poeta - man you were the illest, hope to see your ass at T8

Matthieu/Boringryu - always a pleasure in ST, that guile is getting nasty next time we take it

Alex/Priera- Super Gatineau Fighter !!! - Boule de feu - Coup du point dragon!

Steve/Jay/Jon/CB/Tak - didint see you guys all that much over the weekeend but steve oh man nice job on CVS and nice job tak and CB for team marvel tourney

Ahmed/Success- only one quote for the weekend, “wheres my stick , wheres my stick? finds stick and hugs it

ehsan and julia - good ride down!

Gerjay - nice meeting you man hope to see you at the purepwnage premiere

anyone who i missed let me know so i can add a comment :smiley:

oh yeah i almost forgot

you’re a jerk ahmed :frowning:

new thread o.o

Ohh Alex? What happened?

Thanks for the vid Khiem, that 12 didn’t show me anything I don’t know, plus I think it lack a few vital tips for 12 players.

Also, Elena VS 12 is not as difficult as the vid maker makes it to be.

Oh yeah… the girl that played 3S was mad cute.

Aznretro; by the time you get to T8 I’ll be at a level in Marvel where our postponed match won’t be an embarassment.

for you Alex, I want that game now.