-Ottawa- Beast History Month

Am I doin’ it right? Everyone needs alchohol.

lol. how’s that harddrive coming?? send me a pm with a phone# i can reach u at

Beast History Month… I know i should be offened but this name is so much better. I will be there today i hope they fixed cvs…

lmao @ name

but good choice :wink:

EDIT: who else is up for drinking tonight? can anyone host?

I can host.

This morning, my work building and floor had a flood. We were sent emails to work from home if we can and I didn’t read my emails before I left my house and just went to work.
Well, my room is only slightly effected and I’m here with my group (who all decided to ignore or not read too) having a full day at work.

Sucks balls I came but at least I don’t end up being the only one who didn’t show…
And at least we are going to Dim Sum for lunch…

For my house tonight, me and SilentSam will be there.
Possible attendees (until confirmed):

Jon B.



Wow…that match sucked a little bit. The constant shit talking was too good…we need to do more of these. Has to be for real reasons though…I don’t think we can achieve the seriousness of having to get the weed all the way to the car but close…

Thanks for this Julia :slight_smile:

no problemo :wink: my pleasure haha

i’ll be there for sure tonight to record some more matches

All i know is i left my house and it was clear… and it’s it’s a blizzard outside… im definitely working form home after lunch.

Dude…I donno if that avatar is apropriate:lovin:

omfg boobies!:pray::party:

FUUUCK…it’s crazy outside.

I have a feeling Dim Sum is going to be 1 and half hours…

I can’t pinpoint why I find that match video so fucking hilarious. Good shit.

idea by khiem, creation by me:


I’m thinking you can feel the energy - we really, really didn’t want to get the weed. There was so much on the line and I blew it :sweat:

Well obviously I like it LOL
Give Khiem all the conceptual credit huh…you bastards… :slight_smile:
I’m guessing it’s for the FEB tourney? Holy shit, that’s soon.

EDIT: You did a really good job with the illumination on the maple leaf. I like the b&w too…

just for that. the rest of 2008 is going to have titty avatars. your welcome. now i just need more girls to take titty pixxx…

Godlike! Akuma REPRESENTS!

Well, 1 more centmeter and it would be hardcore porn, so…

I got it all… goes up to 13 if I recall…

But what got me back into it are the OAVs… relatively new ones called Hellsing Ultimate… they are what Hellsing the series should have been… its only up to 3 and they are releasing them pretty slowly, but I dont mind cuz they look sick…

Think I’m down. I’ll call you if I do drop by. Don’t feel like going to the sweatshop today.


what is this outside is this all day? all weekend cause if i have to shovel after weeks off…