Ottawa July Thread- Otta-WHAT! BEASTING!

july thread.

otta-what… it’s never gonna die now … please Veto thread title

That tournment was insane. I made 60$ and 40$ was off Arcade scrub. Good job dee getting 3rd. Thanks Khiem for the tournment and Ahmed for dealing with it all on your shift.

Jay you can get them next time.

Whats happening today?

Full results? And Happy Canada Day

Ditto. A lot of casuals. A lot of fun.

Thanks to everyone who brought their T.Vs, Ps2s, DC’s, Sticks, and to those who provided transportation.

Your joystick is awesome Steve. What is the model of the stick?



Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day! What’s everyone doing?

good shit yesterday

sorry to everyone about snapping out during my ST match. combination of not having my stick (traian, when you borrow something, please bring it back when you’re done with it man), having a broken pad and various other things. made me pissed about the whole thing.

oh well.

So wtf happened friday? I tried to take the train last minute but all of them to Toronto and Ottawa were cancelled.

man, fuck this 2.5 minute posting limit. results are up.

somehow there are 7 enterants for BBB at T8 so far. go register in the t8 thread if you wanna play. only $3

MTL thnx for comin out (and beasting) that tournie was DOPE. Props to Callmeanewb for the great organization and everyone else who helped run shit. Too much fun. Can’t wait till T8. HYPE IT UP!

Winners don’t do drugs.

freddy won… on drugs…

Robilae, where are my videos from saturday night after mtl left? i wanna see the beasting!

Happy Canada Day everyone(cuz im still awake so its still july 1).

tournament was a Great Success. definitely had soo much fun being there…while getting paid doing nothing(sorta) - SUCCESS! Mtl having a good time brought a smile to my face, im sure it did to Khiem, and probably everyone else who attended expecting a great turn out. Great job and thank you all for making this happen.

but i gotta say that out of all of them, CVS2 tournament was one of the craziest. and on top of that, Mtl proved that there are the funniest, insulting us with their juste par rire materials. Ottawa needs to step up on that too, instead of laughing at their jokes…cuz we are being insulted, remember.

gotta get me a SUCCESS! shirt for t8.

EDIT: Yang losed to prez in a2…WITH ONE HAND…ONE HAND!!!. you are not going in Shen’s car. Shen, do not let him go in the car. you are SOOOOOOOO not MAN enough or BAD enough to fight with ANYONE! so do us all a favour and GO HOME AND BE A FAMILYMAN!!!

i got wednesday thursday off, what’s up?

it’s rather unfortunate that your marvel scene is practicaly non-existent i guess thats why i didnt get any answer when i asked what the expected turnout for the game would be lol

but nonetheless i had a great time

Anyone down for some 3s around 5?

Ryad has them.I doubt he’ll post any of it.Hey I want a copy of that shit ryad.I mean a real copy no youtube shit.

The tourney was great and happy canada day to everyone.Its fucking 2pm and i’m going to get some sleep.

EDIT: OK what the fuck happened to my reps???I got neg rep for speaking in french in the mtl thread and shit!Lool.And another one just posted this has a reason loool.Too funny!

Agreed. What’s with the thread title? I haven’t seen self infliction like this since the invention of DVDA. And that shit opens up girls like a gutted turkey on thankgiving.