Ottawa June 07- Playa Haters Ball

JUNE THREAD MADE BY A GIRL! pwned. the new june thread for ottawa.

Beasting! When does it ever stop?

never. so now it’s june. time to post here!

major tournament with hopeful tdot and mtl presence on the 23rd.

Khiem I don’t know about MTL presence. 23rd is the eve of the St Jean Baptiste which means official Get Shitfaced on the night of the 23rd day in Quebec. Then again I don’t know if Montreal celebrates it that much.

My Man Koop Doin’ It Still.

Koop runs in the room :
“Yall Niggaz need to keep quiet … The Police”

Ran-a-ku: “What?.. Who cares… its the police”

Koop: “Yall got it good in Canada huh?.. Police kill niggaz here. Act Rite & stfu… dont say shit ill do the talking for us all”

Ran-a-ku: “Aight… Ah Big Koop… where are you pants?..”

Koop: “Yo Son… There aint no time for pants when P-O is on the move”

  • ECC9 …

June Thread title made me laugh… good shit whoever came up with that.
for beasting.

On a serious note im going to see if i can get a Club started at this school for us hopefully i can. Ill let u guys know as i get more details let me know who would be interested. Im also going to see if they will give us money for funding , i would want to put that towards getting us weed and bus fare etc … let me know what yall think .

Sounds excellent, I’m in.

You know what we could try? Once we get the new parts for X-men vs Street Figther, we could use the old parts from xmvsf to replace the 3s parts and see if that makes a difference in quality of play.

If there is no improvement, it might just be a board problem as Steve was suggesting.

i probably won’t be able to do anything tonight, something homework related came up, sorry


So who else is still down? Ehsan?

We got 1 or 2 spots left, Roble, Ryad and others just post before 3/3:30 or meet up at the Cave around 5-ish guys.

Edit: (All-nighter btw)

what game?

3s, cvs2, xsf, mvc2, st, all the popular shit really. ask myles or anyone who played with me, i have too many games and too many pads.

should ask myles if he can bring you back first because it’s all the way down in gatineau so unless you got your own car, you’re gonna have to get a ride down here.

Khiem I reaaaallly suggest u move your tourey if uwant MTL to come it is the 23rd and me on the 23rd an 24th= wasted

30th or 16th?

EDIT: what about Mtl crew comes to Ottawa, plays games then gets mad wasted. Or do you have to be in on the other side of the provincial border?

then again, I’m not sure how many peoples going to the SBO qualifier also want to come to Ottawa, I don’t want to overlap that. so probably the 30th. IIRB phoun expressed interest.

Hi, I’m a Marvel…and I’m Batman:rofl:

Hi, I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC.:rofl:

Hi, I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC: Villains Edition:rofl:

Hi, I’m a Mutant…and I’m a DC.

Hi, I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC.:rofl:

good shit tonigt dave, dee and myles.

i feel like i’ve become a bit better even if i only got owned hard.

thanks for lending me your stick myles. my arm is gonna hurt friday.

btw BBB stands for b-b-BEASTING

think il left my ds and psp there matt, plz guard it with your life

U guys r all SCRUBS!!!
Low Parry that SHIT!!!

sorry Arun, not hitting up MTL any time soon.

what’s happening tonight? who’s interested in buttons?

I like arun’s idea, get new buttons for xmen, new buttons and stick for cvs2, then put the cvs2 buttons and sticks on the 3s cabinet.

narith is buying xmen buttons = $75

buttons and sticks for cvs2 = $115

so plus shipping of ~$30.

total is 220 CND

who wants to chip? I want to put the order in by friday. I’ve got $20 in there, so there’s $125 remaining.

also, who has a paypal account? that’s how we make the transaction.

more importantly, what’s happening tonight?

i got it man, i’ll give it to you friday when you come pick me up