Ottawa quick results



  1. JS Master
  2. Ex_Matt
  3. R1Beatdown
  4. TheCate


  1. Chi Rithy
  2. JS

more to come


:rolleyes: I’m calling BS results on the Marvel side of things :rolleyes:




Nataku congrats man on your win keep staying on top man.


Lol Eric.

I didn’t want to beat Chirithy again!!! :smiley:


Xmen results from what i remembered:

  1. Middlekingpin
  2. LMX
  3. 1hitcombo
  4. RandomSuper
  5. aznretro
  6. Joker

Nagata that is the Marvel results!!!


Fun tourney. Glad to see all familiar faces again. Good stuff Montreal, you guys are still beasts.

Marvel was played on Jap sticks…

O Hungry?



mad props ghost, good shit!

cvs and 3s still goin?


how did the lord do


is all done cept for cvs. J is taking care of that.

I got 3s Singles top 8 here with:

Chi Rithy
JS Master
1hitcombo; Imperial Sport
psychokid; RandomSuper

Xvsf goes:

Random Super
Azn Retro; Joker
R1; EX Matt

3s Teams:

PTS+Chi Rithy
Psychokid + Freddyloco
1HC + Aznretro

J has CVS brackets


good job khiem, I didnt stay too long, but I stayed long enough to get the impression that it was the best Ottawa tournie yet

Enjoyed seeing all the Ottawa crew having fun in one place

It was fun playing some 3s casuals with the mtl crew… freddy, song, pts ggs
henri gj, its too bad I didnt play you a bit casual

TO thanks for coming

until next time


Good games. Good bouts. Good spot. Good location. Good shit guys.

It went really well.


Pretty fun tourny

-thanks a lot Jay for hosting us

-gj Khiem for putting this together

-had a lot of fun playing you all in casuals

-720 ftw!!

-Deeeee: keep practicing that Ken!

-Steve: :lovin:


Why was I not informed that there was an Ottawa tourney?


JS is mad Consistent



JS Master
PTS one
Ran-a-ku, Gwai Lo 1/2
R1beatdown, karamba


Bet it.

The Cate was actually The Lord, he bugged me for 20minutes to make sure I put down the cate got 4th, there was 11 total in marvel.


damn. i would have won the xvsf tourney as usual. meh.



Henry I knew you were gonna win 3s haut la main

GOod Shit Fred in winning cvs2 !


gg/nice tournament guys, thx Khiem for hosting it, the set-up was good and thx for housing us (Dan, Jay, Jon)

R1, Urien was made for you.