Ottawa September Thread

Khiem, do a ranbat this month


rod you’re not going to enter anything anyway

minor technicalities

I’m gonna be in Ottawa again starting next week.

Where do yall play?

yo, khiem’s gone right now (for those who dont know) he’ll be back sometime… next week. sunday or so.


Ryad has being thinking about a ranbat this month. team tourney would be a lot of fun.

Lines of the week:

“We Respekt HOEZ!”
“Sexy Shawarma Party! Get Low Bitches!”
“Nah Man, They just can’t see you cuz you too black! DARKNESS!”
“I Like Yo Aaaaaaaaaaayyyyuuuuuusssssssssss!”


I dunno if the games are fixed where most ppl play.

Yes I know, double post: I don’t care. The best things come in twos, like titties. Enjoy it.

solid truth

we have a perfectly good Alpha 3 machine at ottawa U. CB next time i see you there i want to play that game more cause i do like it i just never have anyone to play against… people start playing it.

Edit: ATTACK!!!

If anyone hasn’t done so yet, you must watch the guile exhibition combo vid.

none of the combos from the trailer are in the video so it’s worth watching both of them.

some of that shit looks broken as hell

8 sonic boom in a combo? what the hell.

ok, the new ranbat (ksk)is nice. and this time for sure i can play some one tonight.

caaaalllll me

hahah 2 good


Random girl with woopie cushion love handle: “Does this make you uncomfortable?”

svc charge time is only 1 second. shit is reteardation though.

Just got back from Camp and La Ronde. Beasting.

Check out
Watch out for round two.

My fucking Adobe Premiere pops up with a message of “This version has expired” and shuts down.
I needed that to edit the CvS2 vids from the Ottawa tourney.
I tired dling some simple video editing programs for free but all the trial versions tag the videos…

if anyone can send me a video editing program that would be great. Can be anything…all I need to do is darken, cut and compress.

i can lend you my adobe dvd, it’s got everything & has cracks, but i’m defiantly gonna need it back

Nevers to the rescue.