Ottawa Shooting


No one really seems to know what’s going on so even the news about it seem like a total mess.


oh wow now it’s 3 gun men?

No idea if this is related to the islamic extremists that they caught a couple of days ago.

British BBC also have a video feed but they are only reporting when news comes in -

summary so far


probably has to do with Islamic extremists, considering they raised our threat level before it happened, and another attack happened the other day.

All cuz we said we’d go back you guys taking down ISIS.


People already numb to shootings or does nobody care about Canada?

Canadian cops might be the best dressed cops I have seen.


I guess Shootings are as (North) American as burgers and fries


Dailymail have no shame, raided the solider’s facebook and instagram and have posted photos of the man as he was dying.

Gunman has been named and was a Canadian citizen, 4 people are being treated in hospital with gunshot wounds.


Was there actually a period in time in which you thought the daily mail had such trifling things like morals


More like nobody even knows what’s going on, especially the average Joe.

When I heard this on TV during my lunch break at work, they didn’t even mention it was in the parliament building. After the station returned to regular programming, everyone stared at each other and tried to figure out why a Canadian shooting was such breaking news that they interrupted programming for it. All we knew was that a shooting was happening.


Dude who died was from my city. Went to school with some of my coworkers. Apparently wasn’t even armed, as he had been coming back from some memorial service.


What happened to that one canadian that copied rambo?


he surrendered to police, and is in court still, I think


I heard the gunman was shot by some old guy that was a retired service member or something of the sort? Hats off to that OG.


What a surprise… The gunman was french


Does anyone else think it’s weird that this happened just one day after they raised the terror threat (can’t believe you Canucks still do that xD ) ?

Seems like we need to be keeping an eye on recent converts to Islam. They’re like that one white dude hanging out with a bunch of brothers, always gotta do something crazy to “prove” themselves. :neutral_face:


Guardian has CCTV footage of the gunman


I can’t believe people have been paying so little attention to muslim terrorism that they have only just recently figured that shit out.


well they got this guy cuz he converted to Islam, then went off to Syria on a ‘vacation’ at some point. RCMP flagged his ass then and there. I guess he figured shit was going down when his passport didn’t come right away.