Ottawa: The Young and the Restless


3s/a3 today, low turnout or not.
3s next week
everything on mar 24th.


im coming most likely now, someone canceled my plans, the fucker

im gonna kill him

p.s. warioware for wii is the best game ever by far

Ottawa corny name #2… wut wut.

it should be: The Yang and the Restless

Ryad, I’m probably gonna get money this week for the stick. I’ll try to make it $80 on my first payment, but is $60 at worst still good?

What’s the size of the T5 stick so I can submit my artwork btw?

i agree :tup:

I’m working today.


name something u looking forward doing on a sunday.
number one answer according to Ehsan…studying:rofl:

everytime i stumble across a church, it always reminds me of castlevania.

#1 fighting game…GALAXY FIGHT!!!

for me it would normally be staying home and sleeping with someone you love(not sexually speaking) but i’m just a sappy little girl xD haha. either that or accomplishing something fun or good… or both. like a nice drawing, in my case.

I don’t look forward to it, but every Sunday is spent sleeping in and then doing school work :frowning:

I work and beast scrubs at CVS2 with ratio 1 blanka.

I usually work out, do any homework i might still have, possibly smoke a jay, definitely watch Battlestar.
FUCK! As if they either beasted Starbuck or made her a Cylon.
What is this garbage!
And I still have this bull shit poetry essay to do.
Life is beasting on me!

Beastly new thread!!!

I spend my sunday being young and restless

Wtf happened to playa haters ball?

… Ehsan’s Urien’s underwear has dick holes in it.

Worst thread name

I thought its pretty clever. It’s supposed to symbolize drama, for you slow ones.

even though i never drank alcohol in my life, my choice of drink would be Bacardi and Cola, “they get the job done”:party:

but seriously, let us all put this drama behind us.

Cant hate on Ahmed anymore, so you have to turn to me? Keep posting your childish remarks and keep whining when you lose.