Ottawa Thread 2011

Jumping the gun, wooo! Happy new year (T -6h38)!


hi, im new to Ottawa, i dont speak any Engrish, prease teach me how to street fighter.

i heard Ottawa has a famous musician carred james. and he is especiarry good in piano praying like this guy

You gotta learn the fonduementals.
If you want cheese fonduementals see Shen, if you want chocolate fonduementals, see Logan.

why did you scrub out last nite?

I scrubbed my fundamentals all over your face last night

That’s some sick Honda play!

Happy new year! yay! woohoo!


PM/Call/Text/Email me for details as I’d prefer to not post someone else’s address on a public forum. Schedule remains the same for the time being.

Dev and I will need to reliably bring our monitor/TV every week, that will give us 3 HD stations (4 if Johnny doesn’t mind sharing his monitor as well) and one ~30" CRT. Space is close to triple what we have at my apartment.

Happy New Year

Happy 1111 day, everyone!

Happy drunk recovery day.

Everybody know I’m a mothafuckin’ monster.

Nemesis next weekend! Hope everybody’s practicing

you may have got the 11th post on the 11th hour of the 11th year… but isnt 1111 day on Nov. 11th?

Happy new year everyone.

11/1/1, yeah? We’re lucky, we also get a 11/11/1 day this year, and a 11/11/11 day even.

Happy news years everyone.

Fuck yeah got a working stick again.

Johnny is a stick god!

asians and that tech

Gotta use that racial as much as possible, right?

Also, for the ranbat, just respect the place, even if it is student housing. It should be OK to be a little loud late at night but don’t abuse it. If you can’t guage your volume, just STFU after midnight.

There’s one HDTV and one CRT. People will need to bring TVs and consoles. I have a spare 360 but it’s an old one and has no HDMI. I have three spare sticks, one dual modded and two 360 ones. My copy of SSF4 is with Logan and I have a spare copy of BBCS. My 360 has HDR and MVC2 but needs Internet.

You can smoke outside but I think people prefer it if you went out the back door, as there’s trash there and most likely something you can ash in.

There’s a bathroom you can use just across the back door. If it’s full, you can use the one upstairs but don’t resort to it unless you’re leaking numero dos.