Ottawa Thread 2011

So whats good ottawa? Been a while, just got back from hamilton. Whens the next gather, I need to play some real people.

HQ currently on Tuesday/Thursday and every second Friday (free on Fridays).

Also other random stuff going on.


Dayum, y’all leveled up your location while I was gone. That is sick, ill see if I can stop by tonight, Im still unpacking and stocking up on groceries but I might just stop by to holla at dudes.

Ya i saw the vid bro. oh ironman lol. i know jons out for t12. ill see wat i can do to go

If we can’t do Friday or Saturday night, what about Saturday or Sunday during the day? I’m just trying to find a time that doesn’t infringe on work hours…although I do realize some of you have to work on the weekend…so I dunno if that would work either.

3s is still dead

Anything but Saturdays. Weekdays work for me, Tue/Wed is best

Edit: I can’t drive down to T12 but I plan on attending. If anyone has an extra seat, I’ll grab that, otherwise I’m just gonna carpool it. We also gotta figure out Ottawa teams for whoever’s going.

Weekdays work better than weekends for me too.


Thoughts on Thursday/Friday? The other option would be Wednesday/Thursday… Unfortunately with some recent changes on my end I can’t make promises for either 100%.

Fridays work fine for me, and are good. I agree that the day I went with the best turnout was probably the one Thursday and that Tuesdays have seemed to have a bit less. And even if it’s every other Friday that works anyway. Partly since I only seem to make it out every other week.

thursday and friday? unhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Is anyone playing sum Mavel today?

I’ll show up for a while, accepting MMs from all but Myles. I gotta leave around 10

you fear myles but not me?
damn, i guess I have to slaughter that
what time are you thinking of reaching?

ill mm you also, how much?

haha, the only reason I didnt mention you is because we still have our $5 MM to do. Your Wesker is the scariest in Ottawa IMO. Those fucking air grabs…

I’ll do $5 for Familyman too. Gotta keep it low until I get paid.
I’ll show around 6:30


Still owe these four people their $5 for sf4 ranbat btw

How much in advance should one sign-up for HQ access?

Thurs/Fri for sure. At least this way I can most likely make it out on Fridays.