Ottawa Thread 2011

No ride… can’t make it out…

Come play Garou at my place sometime. I miss offline comp for that game :frowning: (Been playing it for I think 5 years now? Was on top of the XBL leaderboards for it when the game came out and could hang out with peeps like Nocturnal).

New layout makes me sick.

Fuck yes, Xenforo!

Also to the MK guy (arrakis I think?), I’m pretty interested in MK9 myself. I know there’s also at least one other person on SRK and another on Testyourmight who are. We should get some stuff going.

Yeah this is pretty fucking horrible.

Ugh, the other style (Dark) is even more hideous. What the fuck were they thinking? Next thing they’ll be doing is allowing animated gifs for signatures…

Holy shit, the more of this forum software I see the more I hate it. You can “Like” posts? What the fuck, is this Facebook? Why the fuck am I getting achievements? This is a forum not XBL!

Nowhere to put your gamertags anymore either… not that it really matters, that’s just kind of dumb to remove it.

Anyway, re-arranged some stuff in my apartment so I’ll be able to start having small gathers again (3-4 people max), past that I’ve got a new setup for my PS3 as well so I’ll actually be playing online more often assuming I can get the connection sorted out.

What the fuck is going on!!!

THIS is the apocalypse.

So what were the final standings of the MvC ranbat?

Also… don’t hate me for this but I like the dark layout. Its easy on the eyes at night.

calm down… shit is always like this after an upgrade. they have to make sure it’s working first, then they can start customizing it and making it look better/adding in features they want.

This is what test platforms are for… not live systems. Change sucks always, I can’t argue there. This just seems like about 15 steps in the wrong direction.

First banner ads… second ad toolbars… now achievements. What’s next?

Edit: Oh dear sweet god, the ad toolbar is still there too. I thought they removed it then remembered I specifically put it in AdBlock -_-

Something with Myles Dave and Tak probably? MKP should have the official results, and Jensine for SF4.

Ottawa Ranbat - Season 5

We’re back with Season 5 of the Ottawa Ranbat series! This season will be featuring Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, Marvel vs Capcom 3, SSF2THDR

Super Street Fighter 4 AE

70/20/10 split, $5 entry, double elimination brackets.
I (Gillette) will be managing brackets and details for this game.
Points/Payment Spreadsheet

Marvel vs Capcom 3
**70/20/10 split, $5 entry, **double elimination brackets.
MKP will be managing brackets and details for this game.
Points/Payment Spreadsheet

60/25/15 split, $5 entry, double elimination brackets.
Remixed will be managing brackets and details for this game.
Akuma is banned.
Points/Payment Spreadsheet

This will be run out of Ottawa HQ (free entry for Ranbat nights). Please keep things relatively civil or this will not be a place that we can continue to use. PM myself or FreezerB for the address.

Running off of HQ equipment and donations as always, people have been great about bringing what we need and I extend my thanks to all of you. Please keep it up!

Timeline & Entry Fee
Season will tentatively start July 8th and will once again feature a $5 entry fee per game.

Payment will be kept track of in the Google Docs Spreadsheets containing standings for each game. This will keep constant public visibility and is managed by the person running the brackets for each game. As with last time the money will be kept locked in my filing cabinet at all times.

More information will be added to this post over the next week or two. Please post up any questions.

If anyone has floor fans (or box fans) they will be very useful over the summer as the venue does not have AC.

Achievement unlocked!

i have 7 trophys already

also, i want my user CP back

Anyone else using PSN on Rogers?

When I try to play Marvel online it will quite literally reset my modem and the connection won’t pick back up until the PSN connection officially dies or the PS3 is turned off.

Cool, same thing with SF4. So basically if I log in to PSN at all my moedm will restart.

HMMMMMMMMMM changed packet scheduler to HSFC and it seems to be stable.

Just want to thank Justin for hosting last Friday. It was great meeting all of you. (Was the guy w/ Rod @ the Tekken station)

Thanks Xanavi! Didn’t know that was your place! Keep up the good work!

I smell sarcasm.

That was FreezerB’s place btw.

any of u guys going to mat and if so what hotel are you guys staying at

You guys are all very welcome.