Ottawa Thread 2011

Someone teach me how to Wesker at the next gather… I’m apparently too retarded to figure him out myself to any extent.

I can host today 'til around 10, possibly later if people are quiet.
Location: Logan’s appartment. Feel free to help yourselves to all the food in the fridge, and whatever is in the bedroom.

But seriously I can host at my place. Just bring your stick and a copy of xBox marvel.
212 Guigues Ave., off Cumberland. Let me know here if you’re gonna show up so I can make sure Im around

Texas/MKP - could whichever one of you who has my blue PS3 pad please bring it to the next gather?

Elliot - I may swing by, not sure what my evening holds yet. What’s the parking situation like near your place?

You can park in my backyard, no homo
Also there’s parking all down the street.

wut a gay name for a street. I have spoken

also known as Johnny

Quite a few of us are going, but there’s no solid plans for hotel’s yet it seems

Still debating going… what are you looking at costwise for the weekend Dev? I’m obviously free as fuck but big tournaments are still a good time.

Good god this forum software fucking sucks, you can’t access the BB code so it’s impossible to copy posts from here and put them somewhere else without losing all formatting.

Potentially doing an order from Arthong to replace my warped/fucked plexi and art and may also be ordering some brushed aluminum feet (WTS: Brushed Aluminium feet *FREE SFxTekken pin-buttons while stock lasts!).

Would anyone else want to get in on these to pool on shipping?

i’ve got those. you have to do a little drilling to get them to fit and there is much more plastic then metal. They also tend to slip more on smooth surfaces then the default feet. a nice addition non the less.

Ah, sounds like more hassle than it’s worth to me then.

it’s SO gay. I dont even know how to say my own street name.

If anyone has an extra seat in their car, I’ll take it for the ride up to mtl (i might just go for sat.)

Damn, this forum is dirty balls-ugly right now.

True say. PM me and let me know, I got about 4 guys who play semi-seriously.

My immigrant tendencies are returning… confused the names… Sorry brother! 2x the thanks to Johnny!

id like to go to mat but nobody has responded to me, fml

watch me get blown up in ssf4…or maybe make people cry with my scrubby rufus

That might be just the kind of thing that will motivate me to drive into the city too. Or a Virtua Fighter revival…

I’m hosting tonight, til ~12

GGs. I’m bad at Marvel.