Ottawa Thread 2011

you just need to spend more time with it and extend your knowledge/combos

Here’s that vid i was talking about logan, check out the wesker section or the whole vid if you’re bored


I’ll watch it tonight, thanks.

man, i got blown up…how do you play ssf4?

…but I’m gdlk at marvel, so i don’t really care


Harro eberynyon.
How ahh yew, Faaainu SankYeuu.

I will be getting the full results from Johnny, allowing us to post full standings for the MVC3 season.
Erbody will then know where they stood.
Off the top of my head, the top 5 by end of season was:
1 - ChristopherFreeves
2 - CB
3 - PLASoldier
4 - aznretro
5 - Contra
As mentioned full results including point standings will be tallied and posted by the end of today.

I wish i were a buuuuhd.

shoutouts to birds

shoutouts to new england fighting game scene for being to gdlk

shoutouts to me being gdlk in mvc3, and shoutouts to me again

Any gathers tonight?

I can’t host but I’m up for some games if they’re nearby.

im on XBL now, under my housemate’s account name: Credulous Mom

edit: input lag makes me want to punch children

Shoutouts to TD insurance… switching to them tonight. My premium goes from $210 a month to $140 with identical coverage.

Also, anything happening tonight?


Anything going on tonight?

hahahah… nice pic, ok whos hosting and where, yall fight like puny Banner


Come any time after 8. PM me or him for directions.

Justice Friends, assemble!

I’ll come out tonight but dear god after not playing for 2 weeks im so ASS, i literally get dante combos 2 or 3 out of 10 times

I’m gdlk

how’s my plaque comin

Just had a godlike dinner at red lobster. Shoutouts to awesome service from Mark!

Mercy beaucoup mon ami!

smh my mom got lost on the way and i wasnt paying attention so she just ended up driving me home
even though she has driven me out to myle’s before
kinda salty

The cheese biscuits are pretty much the best thing ever.