Ottawa Thread 2014


Happy New Year everybody! Let’s keep floatin’ on.


Ottawa Thread 2013

yes 2014


thursday the 2nd, lets gather at gonq. please bring ur own setup and sticks


Didn’t even get to 30 pages


Two days early. Dat premature threadjaculation.


New Years resolution: Don’t get sick Goofed it.


I can see my 2015 resolution now…

… Finally buy Daddy-O that Big Mac.


My new years resolution is 1920x1080


You fucking better Bruce.


Note, the 2015. LOL
Bruce, we should collude at the next tournament, so you can split the burger with me. Pffft.


Hi. So, is there going to be a meet up at Algonquin on Thursday? I’m back in town and wondering if a lot of others are back yet. :slight_smile:
I had a lot of good games with people I played last year and hopefully this coming year will bring a lot of great ones.


Fuckin cheaters posting the thread a day early.


Salty niggas need to ketchup

Feg Central officially sponsors this thread.


I’d very much like to RECOMMENCE GONQENING but I’m locked out of the offices. It might not go over well, since they can’t leave them unlocked towards the end of the night until everyone is back from holidays.


I’m starting the New Year off poorly because I can’t make it tomorrow. Maybe really late if people are still there.


I picked up AE on PC finally (yay steam sales). Add me as either meow_gillette or gillette^ on Steam.


Plans got cancelled for tonight. I will be there with all my stuff. I bought an avermedia portable during boxing day sales so I will bring that too.


Thursdays work for me.

What time are you guys gonna be there today?


I’m going to try and stop by in a couple hours to make sure I can actually get the shit out.


ill be there by 5. but i still want to find out when you guys r showing up.