Ottawa Thread 2014


i remember at bytown brawl, there was a marvel tourney scheduled and barely anyone entered. i dont even think myles ran it and noone really cared. mystery game too hype


I will bring the hype back to the streets


That mystery game stuff was the shit. We seriously need to do that again.



I’m dying over here


I left a red and white umbrella at Algonquin last night. Did anyone happen to pick it up or hand it in somewhere?




selling a PS3 madcatz TE stick
Its the classic sf4 vanilla 20th anniversary one.
Stick is a few years old but is still tight and never had any issues with it. I even still have the original box.


We noticed it as we were leaving. I’m pretty sure Bruce held onto it.


Red and white umbrella eh…


Exactly. Hence the reason I hope it’s still around. Haha


I got it


[Thread for the tournament is up.]([Nov 22nd] Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. SUPER Gonq Battles


Bruce, your link doesn’t work!

[TOURNAMENT]([Nov 22nd] Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. SUPER Gonq Battles


that is the most godlike poster ever made for anything ever


We need estimates of numbers people. Halp.


Estimating is 85 entrants For Melee Singles, 85 for Smash 4 WiiU, 40 for SFIV, 20 for each Anime game

2 for Skullgirls.


You can only register for Skullgirls once though.


You thought Dan had it bad vs Elena?

Just ban her already


16/10/2014 - Gonq Meetup

Come get squished ~

Thursday at 5pm to Midnight and up
Student Commons, 2nd Floor above the Starbucks
We’ve got ONE room this week. The small one. =(

As usual, please bring monitors, controllers, and setups.
Every 360 arcade stick helps! (please)