Ottawa Thread 2015

My new years resolution is 1920x1080

For those wanting to get games in, we meet up at the Student Commons building at Algonquin College every Thursday from 5pm until degen o’clock. Its the 2nd floor above the Starbucks.

Facebook group:

I knew someone was going to beat me to it. Happy 2015.

Hash can’t even crack top 3 anymore but still makes the new thread… There should be a rule against that.

Anyway happy new year everybody! With a few minor, Hash-related exceptions it seems like just about everybody is leveling up their game.

Is Kingsley’s thing still going on today? I think I’m going

Shoutouts to kingsley for his godlike shindig

Shoutouts to james for being free

Yea I guess ill just post it again here. Anyone tryna play some Xrd should let me know, I’m trying to host every now and then since I probably won’t be coming out to the gonq much for the foreseeable future.

I thought I posted this a while ago but I guess it didn’t go…
Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday. I had fun.

Also, I’m willing to pay someone $10 to finish modding my stick. It’s most of the way there and I have everything that is needed to complete it. I’ve been putting it off for too long now. Once the stick is up and working again there will be an extra stick at gonq meets. :wink:

Happy new year guys!

Anybody from here planning on driving to CECC2? If so… can Muhammed and I bum a ride off you batty eyes

Booo :frowning: Muhammad gameshared Xrd with me so I’ll definitely put some time into it once CECC2 finishes. But real talk, no one has any business in saying Tekken is hard anymore… GG has just as many mechanics + execution is ridiculous!

I completely forgot about when CECC2 is, actually. I might consider going if I can get a lift considering I have a family member that lives in TO I might be able to stay with if it comes to that.

Also. As far as I know there is going to be a meet up on Thursday.

Thursday at 5:30ish pm-degen
Student Commons Building
Room E209+others sometimes
2nd Floor above the Starbucks listen for the button mashing

Bring a stick.


I’ll be running 2015 (seasonal) Ranbats for games if there is enough interest for it.

I’m thinking of doing a round robin format where it’s up to you to play everyone once every 2 weeks.
I have a giant thing of graph paper for it. :wink:

There’s a chance with me if I get the Saturday off, but I’m likely to get scheduled to work Friday night, so I was just thinking of leaving Ottawa late, get as far as a place I can stay for free in Belleville, and then do the rest of the trip in the morning. Skipping out on the free stay and driving the whole way would bank on finding a good place to stay in Toronto for me.

happy new year to kingsley, the meetups are real.

Yo cool, but I guess the belleville stay would make it difficult for us to tag along. Thanks for the offer though :slight_smile:

shitpost 2015 thread is shitpost

Hell yes, i’m definietly interested.

Yeah, got my schedule today, and I’m working late Friday night, so I’m going to take this in two steps to avoid burning out. Hope to still see you there though!

Anyone feel like driving consoles from my house to Gonq today between 4:20 and 5?

If no one can I can still make it work. But if someone can I will love you more than toast.

Is anyone going for Ultra? You can probably stay with me if you are.

If anyone is driving down that weekend, lemme know

Yeah, if anybody’s going to TO for CECC2, let me know, if you’ve got some space.

So ranbats got postponed until next meet due to foreseeable circumstances…