Ottawa Thread 2015



is there any local tournaments in this area?


Occasionally. But we meet up every Thursday at the Student Commons building at Algonquin from 5pm til late.


Hey which games are happening on Thursdays now a days?


Depends when you show, but you can bank on SFIV, Marvel, and Tekken, plus more Guilty Gear than ever. ST, Persona, SC5 and KOFXIII appeared briefly last night, and people have been quick to boot up Yatagarasu, Skullgirls, or (in my case) both of the KOF UM’s lately.


Whoa, hold up. Soul Calibur 5 got some play last night? Damn, I gotta head out next time.


Don’t expect much. It was just me bodying Will with Natsu bombs and I don’t even play the game.


I ordered this pad from play-asia. With the dollar’s crappy exchange rate and shipping it came to over $110. For a fucking pad. But at least I now have something for PS4 with the 6-button layout to use for SF5. :#


skullgirls, come play me


Why not get it from for $55 Canadian and free shipping…


Tourney on 15th at Gonq?


Sounds good. I may pop by once in a while. I was craving a fighting game earlier this week and I found out GGPO has its baby “Fightcade” and I’ve started playing 3rd strike again. Only people who really liked the game have stuck around so everyone in there is a killer…seriously.


I don’t think Amazon accepts PayPal and I don’t have a credit card. I could have bought an Amazon gift card though I guess. Thanks. I actually do remember seeing that, or maybe it was the regular site, but not having a credit card sucks.

The Silver Snail is closing:

I might not come to Algonquin tonight.


The FedEx employee charged me with another $22.66, bringing the total for the pad to around $134. But, it came pretty quickly, only taking about 5 days.

Just wondering if anyone is going to the Circus

I think clowns have a bad rap. I like clowns.


New to the place. We were getting together every monday night to play in Halifax. Anything like that going on around?


Hey, I used to live in Newfoundland so I know the Halifax boys pretty well. I even flew down for High Tide one year.

We play every Thursday at Algonquin College and you can hop on our facebook group too:


Man, all these new people…

It’s awesome.


Word there is a Facebook group


Only problem is that it is lost like a needle in a pile of hay… reason for asking.


Yeah, it comes across more as some myth or urban legend than anything, lol.


This Tuesday 'Tis Time To Take The Tekken Tag Tournament Two Tournament?

I said that because I saw a poster that said on September 22nd there will be a tournament at the usual place at Algonquin. Is this true? Maybe I was looking at a poster that was a year old and it was last year?