Ottawa Thread 2015


So what is the ride situation for us Tekken dudes this weekend? Don’t want to spend lots of cash on a bus. Thanks


Add Tekken plz


I heard Megabus or whatever might have a cheap round trip thing, but that’s from Brockville and I don’t know for sure if there’s stuff with Ottawa and them or not.


Alright, we’ll be giving the league format another go next week for USF4. If it bombs then we’re back to mini-tourneys. Add your name to the spreadsheet, post that you’re interested, or talk to me/Kingsley.

Ottawa High Rollers League

  • FT5 round-robin against every participant
  • Score is determined by the amount of matches you win and GD (if you won 5-3 then you earn 2 points)
    -The one with the highest score wins (a.k.a. win as much as possible)
  • You have 2 weeks to play half your games. We’ll announce the first set of matches next week.
  • If you can’t come out at all, you can play your matches online (if there’s lag, deal with it)
  • There is no character lock for this ranbat.
  • We’ll cover the winner’s fees for Battle Royale (we have Bruce’s approval to go nuts)
  • Will ask for feedback afterwards. Thanks guys.


why so gangsta


It’s an homage to a famous line by Familyman. “I mash piledriver, deal with it.”

Spreadsheet has been updated with today’s matches.


whos feeding you these false stats. i 5-0’d freaz


The win losses should show who won the set not the total number of rounds. So for example it should say:

The individual games are just for tie breakers. Winning the set is more important.


Wow no losses. I’m so godlike.


i like this. i was confused to see i had 6 losses. too stronk.


There, I fix’d it. It’s also open edit, so feel free to change it if there are any inaccuracies.

Does anyone want me to start a battle log? I’d need input since I can’t remember who everyone used.


i feel like shit for missing ranbats, thanx carleton university T-T


RIP Raf you will be missed. at least the weathers nice when its summer time.


just make sure u come out for feb tourny

#42 Tekken Tag 2 Top 5 from CECC! I got to losers finals. I need to work on my throw breaking. But I had a fun trip!


Gonq Weekly Meet-ups
Thursday at 5pm - 12 am +
Student Commons, 2nd Floor above the Starbucks
We have both rooms this week.
As usual, please bring monitors, controllers, and setups.


damn … youssef is too gdlk.


If anyone found a beige tuque 2 Thursdays ago, please give it to me. It is mine. But to be honest, I think it fell out when I was walking in the hallways. I had put it in the sleeve of my jacket, and I suspect it fell through the hand hole.

Amar called me and said he could not go this Thursday, so I did not go. I have lots of stuff to do anyways here.

When do the USF4 ranbats start? I saw Kingsley and bankshotv2 working on the brackets, and bankshotv2 asked if I was entering and I said OK.

I got the information about a new MKX pad from watching the Avoiding the Puddle podcast. It looks really cool!

But as of now, there is nothing on the EB Games or PDP websites to buy or pre-order:

If anyone sees a place that has MKX pads for sale or pre-order please post where! Thanks. I assume the pad will likely come out at the same time MKX does. Aris has gotten me excited for MKX! Who else is getting it? It seems there is still going to be a long wait for the colsole version of Tekken 7, so I need something to play, and MKX looks decent.


Ranbats have already started forest. Just jump in when you get your stick fixed.
Scores are being tracked in this spreadsheet


omfg must have that pad!