Otter went premium and needs avatar

Can anyone do anything with this?

I was thinking my name could be on the bottomish in gold, but you guys know your shit I’m sure it will be good.

I will rep anyone who picks this up… I’ll find a different image if nobody is feelin this.

you cant really give rep unless you have 500+ posts

until then its gray

as opposed to green or red


stupid life…:shake:

no need for rep, but i will hook you up

That looks awesome.

thank you hehe

aberz, stop making avs and do ur homework!

edit: sup sas, been staying away from el kukuy?

It’s badass man thank you.

BTW does anyone know how to find post counts cause I wanna see how close I am.

ummm click on urself and select view more post? :confused:

Check the SRK Black skin.

You can find the post counts next to your avatar in your profile [next to your join date, etc].

Last I knew, anyways.

heres an animated one just because, I do my work dude, thats why i am on the computer son, now lets go drink some sparks