Ouch! My Face!

1: T_McJay ($110.00)
2: ngk1977
3: ToiYet
4: Foleyeffect
5: Rock Steady
5: FenGuard
7: Anisakis
7: ParryAll
9: SolidOutlaw
9: Nate
9: 230BPM

We’ve got quality over quantity, but that doesnt mean the quantity can’t show up too. -_-

Riding home in 30 degree weather at 70 miles per hour for an hour and a half. I need a working car.

Outlaw, wtf man where was your 6player adaptor we could have had a Guardian Heroes side tourney. 200 hit air juggles with Randy all day.

Daigo I mean TJ congrats on the win.

Good times and great to meet all the new heads.

Hey, if a 6 player adapter wasn’t $99, I’d be all on that.