Ougon Musou Kyoku - Umineko no Naku Koro ni Doujin Fighter ABC Yuu Agin


Looks pretty sick IMO. Main site is getting slammed right now, there is a HQ trailer and screenshots on Mizuumi’s front page.


VERY nice. I’ll keep this one on my radar as well. Thanks for sharing.


I am SO maining Ronove, I just hope this plays well.


As a fan of the franchise, the trailer definitely piqued my interest. Nice selection of characters too.


Oh Battler XD




This looks pretty good. I assume this is coming on PC?

And I call Kanon =3


Yep it will be on PC and released in winter Comiket.


Check for specs lol



  • A bit excited for this. Hopefully it plays solid. Going to have to keep an eye open for this one when it releases. *


Nice, the artwork looks excellent. Makes me want to go back and finish the anime XD


Shit will be hypeeeeeee


Your avatar is hype :lol:

I’m really digging the Western/Victorian? clothing style that the characters are sporting.


Don’t, go read the VN instead >_>

I hope being in the background doesn’t mean someone is out of the roster, if that’s the case then Rosa, George and Jessica will be a little busy being…uh…death to join the fights, and that would be a damn shame =(


Shit… pretty hyped right now! who is the REAL Doujin circle behind this? i dont think is 07th Expansion… hope that is not NRF.


If this goes very well, Rockin Android might just have their biggest break for translating and distributing this.


They would’ve announced a collaboration for a game of this quality by now if that were true. I imagine they can afford freelancers now/do a good deal themselves by now.


Maid with huge titties~



cant wait to get the game


I really thought this was a bit meh compared to Higurashi as a series but I’m more than looking forward to this shit. Kinda want a Higurashi doujin fighter now this is happening.

Definately running Virgilia and Battler.