Our Boy Punish at Ceo!



I hope everybody saw Punish on stream he was doing his thing!! Had the whole crowd excited…yea!!


Ya I saw him putting it down those combos were godlike.


It was very impressive, I had never seen him play before



Here is the match if you haven’t seen it.


That was one of the sickest matches of that tourney. Best tournament strange play I’ve seen so far.


Been playing Cap on and off in Ultimate (Cap/Zero or Zero/Cap). Had to stop in and give props to Punish. He definitely did his thing.


That was sick! I’m glad you guys made this thread, brilliant Cap and Strange!


I’m hoping to see some more excellent Cap play at Evo this year. So tired of seeing all of these fraudulent Caps on stream.


Does anyone have a mirror link? It says the video is private.


around 10:25 mark


Thanks for the support, fellow Caps


In the above link, my other match (vs corrupt tyson) is around 6:17 for those interested


Punish now means that Strange’s Bolts of Balthaak assist has rocketed up the assist tier list.