Our first online tournament! January 3rd: Cross Platform Crackdown!


Drama 30 minutes before the tournament’s supposed to start?


It also has something on the line.

Ultimately I think @Rayne_‌ doesn’t want to enter something where win/loss matters more, especially if it’s not going to really help him on the offline tourney side of things. Our ruleset isn’t exactly “the norm,” as it were.


if it didn’t have a batshit crazy stage list, he probably would’ve stayed


@"po pimpus"‌
@"Phantom Angel"‌

Please report to the IRC withing 20 minutes.


I like having a larger stage list. Makes it WAY more interesting.
I’m not even competing, and I pointed out my concerns with the stage list within a day of it being posted. Everyone else is lazy.


Well done everyone!

Special Congratulations to dre37k, who’s aggressive Mario stole the 3DS title, as well as taking him all the way to grand finals in losers in Wii U. But sadly, the man waiting for him was also the man who sent him to Losers in the first place. And so dre37k went 3-1 against our first Smash Wii U Champion of the forums, SONICHUMAN!

Be sure to keep in touch with Kabo who has donated a prize for the winner.

But I’m afraid this is not the end for this thread. Not by a long shot.

For you see, my next tournament is a special one for Wii U players only.

Long have we been told to ‘Settle it in Smash’. However, I couldn’t name my tournament that. It was copyrighted. Damn Lawyers. But then inspiration stuck. I could have a similar title by flipping it around, and then come up with an idea based on that!

That is how I came up with my next idea


The main focus of this tournament is to promote a ‘home field advantage’ for players. As such, there is a special set of rules to abide by.

Each contestant will pick a stage. He cannot change his stage and must play on it vs another player and his stage.

For example, if I pick Kongo 64, I am allowed to only play on Kongo 64 when I start the tournament. Then I will fight against someone who picked, say, Mario Circuit Wii U. If I beat my opponent, he forfeits his stage to me. I am then allowed to use Kongo and Mario Circuit. If I then encounter someone who has Luigi’s Mansion and Wrecking Crew, and I defeat them, I may choose ONE of these stages to keep with me.

In addition to the one stage to start with, you will only be allowed one character to use. Choose wisely! Remember, the emphasis is meant to be put on the stage this time around and how you as a player can best utilize it. However, stages native to Smash(Battlefield, FD, Big Battlefield, Custom Stages) will NOT be allowed, along with the Great Cave Offensive, Temple, Jungle Hijinx and Palutena’s Temple. Everything else is fair game. Do you pick Pyrosphere and become a Ridley tamer? Or perhaps slug it out in Boxing Ring? Choose well, for there can be no duplicate stage choices. It’s first come first serve. Except for Po, who gets Smashville by default

And before you ask, anyone reserving an Omega stage will be scornfully flayed

The tournament will be Single Elimination, best 3 of 5 the entire tournament.

I am looking for an appropriate prize as we speak, but rest assured that there will be one.


I claim Mario Circuit Wii U as my stage.

Fuck you, @KaboXx


Not quite yet Po.

I’ll be opening the flood gates for reserving stages later, when more people are aware of it. Not too long off though


Oh yeah, here’s the final results




Wish I could’ve played.
How many entrants were there?


Fuck Insomnia.

That should be my name up there.


Insomnia isn’t the one who said ‘No, I do not wish to play and withdraw’

That was you, Rayne, and me at the very end.


Fuck you.

You try playing while you’re barely able to stay awake and have a growing headache, all because of something THAT I HAVE NO FUCKING CONTROL OVER!!!

So don’t even start, shithead.


here are my suggestions for the settlers tournament

what i have so far is prone to being infinitely drawn out, so that’s the main problem i have with it right now

Let’s have stages: A, B, C, D.
Player1 has A, Player2 has B, Player3 has C, Player4 has D
Player1 and Player2 are matched up in the first round. P3 and P4 are matched up in the first round.

P1 and P2 player their match. They can choose to pick A or B, and the game decides which they play on.
If a player wins on their own stage, that stage is “defended” and cannot be chosen in the next round.
If a player loses on their own stage, that stage is “lost” and cannot be chosen in the next round. It now belongs to the winning player.

The loser is the one who runs out of stages.
When moving to the next round, the winner can only pick one stage to add to their list of stages.

Let’s say P1 won and now has A and B, and P3 won and now has C and D.

They play. P1 chooses C and P3 chooses A.
P1 wins on C, and now has A,B,C.
P3 chooses A again, and P1 chooses D. P3 wins on D. Now P1 cannot choose a stage that belongs to P3 for one round, and must choose one of its own stages to defend. P3 can choose any stage to attack.

etc. You can see how this could go on a long time, so I suggest 2 stock or even 1 stock.


Yeah that’s not gonna work.

I suggest a coin-flip to decide first stage, then standard counterpick rules from there*(save for the fact that you have a “homestage” that you’re locked to)*.

Simple and to the point.

And no to fucking 2-stock… Damn.


I don’t think I really like that phnts.

While this kind of scenario did cross my mind, as you said, it would draw the tournament out for far too long, as well as complicate things a bit.

As it stands, you will only inherit a stage after the elimination of an opponent. The match is still best 3 of 5, so there should be plenty of time for one to beat the other


2 stock 3/5 is completely fine po. It ranges from 6 to 8 stocks needing to be taken by the winner - 3 stock 2/3 is also 6-8.

That’s fine too CG. Both players pick one of their stages g1, then play on one of the loser’s stages from there on out?
I think players should be allowed 2 characters if this is the case, and blind pick them every game as well.


i’d honestly rather have the next tournament to have 2 stock matches. the games feel less drawn out. brawl should’ve done this as well.


Sounds like a cool idea, although I won’t be able to play. How close are we to being able to stream?


You know what else will make games less drawn out?

Not being a douche that plays Sonic…