Our matchup thread, whats up?

The match-up thread here is pretty sparse for a character that’s so match up dependent. But I think for that same reason we have all these threads like x vs dhalsim stand alone threads, so do we prefer it this way? I think we should at least merge the AA thread and the opener move threads into the match up thread.

It’s difficult because all of dhalsim is match up strategy. Our video thread is amazing thanks to Ultradavid and his video reviews (I’ve learned allot thanks to it) which lets us learn character specific strategies, the combo thread is great and a staple but it’s just not too important with a character like sim. So I ask, do we want to merge and fix up our match-up thread or are we happy with vs character stand alone threads?

I definitely prefer individual matchup threads. The universal thread turns into a matchup of the week discussion. You can’t really have multiple character discussions in parallel. Discussions get cut short or fragmented. It’s also unorganized when you are looking for info on a specific match.

I really don’t understand these “The Everything You Need to Know About Everything” threads. If everything I needed to know about Dhalsim could be contained in one thread, why would we ever need other threads?

I play Gen, and I’m looking to get more familiar with the Dhalsim matchup. For anyone looking to get (more) experience in the Gen matchup just send me an friend request. I only have PSN. Put somethin like “charactername matchup” in the request…I have a mic too.