Our Race Has Suffered Long Enough ... It is TIME ™

Hello everyone…wow…its been such a long time since ive been on here…hope all is good in Vega Land.Iam sure everyones very excited about Super Street Fighter 4 as much as I am…with that being said…lets get down to business.

:tup:Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009 ----------- 0800 HrS

As you Vega Brothers allready know thier will be new team battles and I refuse to get trampled by armies of Ryus and Sagats as they prepare once more to take over the thrown that is Street Fighter 4.

I am here to inform you my Vega brothers that Recruiting has begun of an army of Vega soldiers at 0’ Eight Hundred Hours today to create TEAM VEGA…This team will consist of the strongest Vegas ever assembled on the Playstation Network…If you think you have what it takes…then I wanna know! But this wont be easy…you may also have to prove yourself with a fight to a beautiful death and my findings shall be published here amongst the brothers along with all stats and numbers for all to see…then they too will have the opportunity to train with the best of the best. Those of you who do not make the cut shall train harder and prove yourself worthy. No more will you have to browse the millions of threads to find out who the best Vegas are…They will all be posted here and for you to see and VEGAS LIST will be updated frequently…AND come SSF4 … yu’ll get updates on about how TEAM VEGA is fairing against opponents and everyones reactions as well as about how bad they got it handed to them by a bunch of claws whom they had expected to run all over as usual.

**OverView : **
Team Vega and Vegas List will be designed to bring together some of the best Vega Players on the Playstation Network.

Objective : To Destroy any Ryu and Fagat Sagat or any new enemies who may may have risen from the ashes and to strike fear in the hearts of all of those millions of teams out there who will ONLY consist of Ryus, Sagats and Balrogs …that is inevitable my friends
Mission : Respect for the mighty Claw…his fallowers… and TEAM VEGA

**TEAM VEGA Criteria **
MUST Main Vega
MUST Consider yourself to be a Great Vega Player
MUST Be on Playstation Network
DO NOT send me an add on **PS3 **without providing me the fallowing FIRST! Here on SRK OR ELSE you will be DENIED

WHAT I NEED - Address Your Countries Team Leader on the thread with the fallowing information and someone will be with you shortly.

**- **Your exact rank soldier ( G1A,B,C…G2,G3,G4…? ) and any other helpfull info - POST HERE!

  • How you heard about TEAM VEGA or the name of the person who referred you ?
    **- **Then you will recieve an add on Playstation Network with TEAM VEGA listed in the subject part of your add ( PS3 Screen Name - Kamisxy )
    **- **A demonstration of your skills and your thirst for blood - First one to 5 WINS
    ( **NOTE **: Details of battles and who made it and who didn’t make it and why will be published here for all to share and comment… but remember that were all brothers and any criticizm will be constructive and honest and a looking out for each other kinda type…Allegibility not determined by a win or loss…but by the skill level you portray at which time your team leader can accurately determine if you have what it takes.)


Accepted : If accepted you agree to fallow the Teams Guidelines. The TEAM VEGA STAFF has the right to remove anyone not participating in the team as a whole including joining online discusions and team activities.

Declined : If you fail to make the team you are welcome to try out again…but because I have people comming back to me the very next day and asking to try out again…thats a bit of a problem…for me and for other guys who are waiting for thier first attempt so from now on if you dont make the team…you will get a re-match date which will give you another opportunity…you will have to send me an add again…adds will not be accepted if sent before your re-match date…thankyou

Everyone is in the same claws and is tired of mainly these 4

Common Enemies
Ryu, Sagat, Balrog and Blanka

A great Vega player can allready sense the smurk on the other opponents face when he sees that his opponent is no other than a scrub Vega player when the VS screen comes up…I fight to change that!

No more will a RYU focus his way out of an Izuna Drop !
No more shall Vega rise only to get knocked back down with another Tiger Knee from Sagat !
No more will Balrog butthead his way into an Ultra !
And Blanka will certainly not sit there …just waiting to counter every single attack !


“At the end of this day, one shall stand… and many will fall”

Team Vega - STAFF


YouTube - TeamVegaSRK’s Channel
Eternal Blaze

Come Spring be prepared to fight by my side …claw by claw … The Scouting Starts NOW !

Kamisxy - - GamerTag Kamisxy - Hire Date 12/22/2009
Ken B - - GamerTag i_like_dyke - Hire Date 12/22/2009
MILF - - GamerTag Whatishesmokin - Hire Date 12/23/2009
Vanhyuk - - GamerTag Vanhyuk - Hire Date 12/31/2009
Vegaman - - GamerTag VegaMan_ - Hire Date 1/2/2010
Dirtybanana - - GamerTag Dirtybanana - Hire Date 1/3/2010**
Tatsujinken** - - GamerTag Tatsujinken - Hire Date 01/13/2010
Donlongdong666 - - GamerTag Donlongdong666 - Hire Date 04/15/2010
**Eternal Blaze **- - GamerTag [COLOR=DarkOrange]BeyondTheFlames [/COLOR]- Hire Date 04/21/2010
**G.Synthesis **- - GamerTag [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Gsynth [/COLOR]- Hire Date 05/09/2010
Vike3 - - GamerTag [COLOR=Cyan]Vike3 [/COLOR]- Hire Date 05/11/2010
HecticNy96 - - GamerTag StopBeingCheep - Hire Date 08/16/2010

- Pending Tryouts - ReMatch Dates - Times Tried Out -
Hangeer - June 10th
Jammo - June 10th
Onyx581 - June 11th
Andychamp - June 11th

**- VEGA LINKS - **

1/8/2010 ULTRA II is just SPLENDID - [media=youtube]TjNqobPpZhs"[/media]
2/15/2010 Combo Video “Scarlet Rain” by Jozhear as Vega [media=youtube]n67gshJz9YU"[/media]

… except the poor guys on XBL, which are about half of the Vega forums’ aces.

Sounds powerful.

Thanks bud…lol…i try…just tryin to rally the troops…A little motivation never hurt no Vega

Well never the less even if you are on xbox…your still one of us:smile:
and I woulda have loved to have ya on my team but you know its kinda impossible if iam on the PSN…Iam just really motivated and excited about SSF4 and Vega **WILL ** represent in the team battles and will show alot of the players out there that yes…we too are a force to be reckoned with…if reaching out to my vega brothers is what it takes…then iam all game…BRING IT ON

I guess I’m not good enough, since I’m not high enough on an iffy ranking system…

I’ll just go back to fighting JWong and LI Joe at the arcade~ :coffee:

(I’ll be switchign to Cody or Makoto in SSFIV anyway =D)

No more will a RYU focus his why out of an Izuna Drop !
No more shall Vega rise only to get knocked back down with another Tiger Knee from Sagat !
No more will Balrog butthead his way into an Ultra !
And Blanka will certainly not sit there …just waiting to counter every single attack !

  1. Izuna Ryu anyway.
  2. Air Throw Sagat out of that predictable Tiger Knee.
  3. Punish that head butt.
  4. Bait and pressure that Blanka.

Otherwise, love your Dandy J quote, DevilJin. Had me lol-ing for a while.

Well yea man I too hope they can come up with a better ranking system…the ranked fighting system is all screwed up…doesnt even make sense for me to even play that anymore if all iam gonna get is 1 point but if I loose then -128…they really need to fix that but as far as championship mode point system goes dont really got no complaint there…but good luck on your switch though but as for me I may finally learn someone new as well yet still keeping Vega as my main…iam likin Juri though…dont really know too much about her play style yet but her taunts remind me of Vega…sneaky and evil like:badboy:

I couldnt agree MORE!but allways easier said than done

I’d be happy to be part of a Vega team…
I barely make the criteria though…G1E in PSN(though I am unbeaten in it)
G1A on XBL(if that’s any use)

I do agree with Rizhall that the system is slightly skew whiff though, but to get alright GP with Vega, I still reckon you have to be pretty decent IMO!!!

Not always easier said than done (except for the tiger knee air throw, I suppose). Find good players that main those characters and practice with them. Hit training mode and find answers to character specific moves and strategies. Just work on it.

You break my heart…

I thought this was gonna be a King Cobra thread.

I’m mad.

Ops words make my blood boil.

I’m pretty interested…
Where do I sign up? =D

Yes you are right but what I meant was that it may not be easy for every Vega Player who have yet much to learn

Ok finally weve got 1 ! Any more out there?
:tup:Congratulations mighty Vega…your hired.
Although a mirror match is good for determining your skill and little flashes of what you can do here and there but I wont rely on it …true test will be against those hard fought team battles where iam sure we wont be fighting that many Vegas and that is when we will all truly have a chance to shine individually and really show each other what were capable of and win as a team…learn from each other and share with others.

Expect an add shortly soldier and an invitation to fight soon.
(results will be posted when available)
**NOTE : You are to send a FRIEND ADD titled VEGAS LIST to any future players on VEGAS LIST and may publish your fights here as well as future team battle experiences that well all be apart of soon…All look forward to being on the same team…this will help because not all of us will be online at the same time ALL THE TIME but still we all know each other and will team up online allways ensuring a supply of deadly Vegas on hand

Good its exactly what I was trying to do …now get online and show em whos boss

Great! but I need numbers bud? Do you fit the criteria? List everything for me please

Mines too…traitor…:rofl:Just kidding…have fun!