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I dunno, guys… I want so badly to continue playing Cammy, and I’ve put a lot of time and effort into trying to get her better in this game… I mean, you’re talking to a guy, here, who has played Cammy for nearly 10 years in Super Turbo even though I truly believe she is the worst character in that game. And yet I could still do really well with her in that game. And even though I love her dearly and I don’t want to give up on her in SFIV…

I think my spirit has been broken.

It just feels too much like Capcom really wanted her to just be horrible in this game. I played a bunch of games tonight, and lost the majority of them. I got to 3600 BP with her before tonight and have subsequently dropped back down to about 3200. Maybe it’s because I haven’t played in over a week and I’m rusty or something, but Cammy is simply too much work, it feels like. The worst thing about her is that she just has no good attacks… especially against defensive characters. Without a good move to do any sort of Block Damage that doesn’t always put her at risk, she’s just not a threat. The Dive Kick can only do so much because it’s such a high risk move as doing it too much only leaves you open to counter attacks.

By comparison, in Super Turbo, her Cannon Spike was really safe when blocked (and didn’t have super pathetic horizontal range like it does in this game), her Cannon Drill was safer (and even in ST, it wasn’t that safe, and yet by comparison, that Drill is EONS safer than SFIV’s Drills), and her Hooligan was fast and could grab crouching people! And on top of all that, her normal moves were fast and she could poke effectively. Now, everything about Cammy seems to be tweaked in a way that she really just has no chance to win at all against smart players. Every fight seems like an uphill battle.

I know this isn’t Super Turbo and that may be my problem… I keep trying to use her like she was in ST, and I probably have trouble breaking habits and it’s hurting me in the end. Maybe I do need to move to someone else just so I can learn SFIV and not have any ST baggage. shrug I’m not really sure why I’m posting this all up, probably just because I’m super depressed 'cause my spirit is broken. Maybe I’m hoping someone can convince me to stick with her. Hahahaha. :slight_smile: But right now, I know I can do better with other characters, and it just doesn’t feel like it’s worth the pain to keep using Cammy.

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im there wid you man. Im a CVS2 player… so my heart is really broken beacuse of this shit.

just play someone else. thats what i resorted to and now i am happy again, seriously


Playing a character you didn’t play in ST might help. It did for me. I kept trying to play Chun the way I played her in ST; same combos, setups, zoning. Shit just didn’t work so I switched, made a world of difference.


Well I would hope you reconsider. I always play the character that I enjoy and I always aim to win with them regardless of what it takes to beat top tier characters. So long as the game allows for every character to win, I’m going to win with the character that I enjoy winning with. I hope you consider the following though:

  • You’re playing a think outside the box character, rather than a character of convenience (Sagat).

  • Is it more rewarding to you to win with Cammy then to win with an easy-mode character?

  • The game and console characters especially are new, and things are still to be discovered.

  • You’re playing online. Throw breaking on reaction is impossible in most connections.

I believe Cammy has a lot of potential from the little bit that I’ve experimented and fought against her. I’m putting a lot of work into my main right now (Gen), but I wouldn’t mind breaking down some Cammy if I have free time. There’s a lot of good things she has that I don’t see most Cammy players using.


Why always blame the char? She has good normals , good range , she can confirm into canon drill with most of her pokes (u will be surprised how many normal and random stuff she can counter and punish when u can confirm from into canon drill) far mp , cr mk so its not something u "have to "throw randomly as a safe move , she has one of the best walk speed and footsie game , ridiculous damage and stun potential,one of the best jump ins ,one of the best antiair in the game,air throw,strong mix up etc … u are underestimating this character , and dont pay attention to that last tier list , its not a legit one imo.

Edit:Also forgot to mention about her backdash , that can get u out of any situation


You don’t have to quit Cammy all together, but yeh picking up and character who forces you acknowledge SF4 mechanics a little more would probably be best.

I hear what you are saying though, against a player who knows better- using Cammy is an definately an uphill battle.


Dude, I don’t know a whole lot about SFIV, but that Sagat didn’t look that great. Tiger Uppercuts for no reason, missing that Ultra completely and still he almost won. I don’t think that’ll do any Cammy player’s spirit much good.


I don’t know jchensor personally, but I’d say he knows enough about Cammy and fighting games to raise a legitimate concern. Besides, even though a lot of people don’t like it, there are always bad characters.
One look at that vid posted earlier in this thread already shows that her DP doesn’t fly as far away on block as in ST. Then jchensor already stated that Hooligan throw doesn’t grab crouching opponents, which I’m sure he’s tested extensively, well that takes away a lot of the good things about Cammy already.


weeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkk sauce

  1. true
  2. a win is a win, but yes
  3. very true
  4. ultra true

you got that in right before me :frowning:

that sagat was “easy mode” sagat


Cammy doesn’t seem horrible from what I’ve seen (if anything she has lots pf potential). I just got my Bison beat so badly by a Cammy player that I had to go here and see whats up with her. Apparently she has magical boots, speed and hits as hard as a truck. I need to play more Cammy’s to figure her out!


As a Vega player. I feel your pain.

My favorite clawed Spaniard is nothing like he was in ST. However, I don’t care how crappy he is, I’m sticking with him.


I went looking for a new character recently, but no one feels as great to play as Cammy does for me.

There seems to be a lot of match up charts and tier lists flying around at the moment and although Cammy is in the lower half of the lists, she seems to be at 5-5 with almost the whole cast, only having real trouble with Sagat and a 6-4 with Seth. I never see anyone play Seth and 6-4 isn’t bad at all.

I do, unfortunately, see a lot of Sagats online, but this just helps me to be better at fighting Sagat. With the rest of the cast being 5-5 I see all my games with Cammy coming down to skill alone.

Maybe just take a breather from playing Cammy and then come back. It sounds like you just had a bad day and lost a load of BP - I’ve lost more than that in a night trying to play Boxer and ended up just getting them all back with Cammy.

Try not to look at the games as work, but more of a challenge and a fun one at that. :wink:

Cammy is totally decent in SFIV.


I think the main problem is that you’re thinking of ST. Maybe once you get out of that mindset, you’ll get better?

I wish Cammy had her ST Hooligan as well, and I also wish Cannon Strike hit high. I’m by no means a Cammy expert, but I still feel that she has the tools to win. She does surprising damage for someone of her speed.

EDIT: One thing I wanted to mention…I get inspired by people like Hayao because he uses a (apparently) low-tier character (Hugo), but dominates other players who use top-tier characters. Many people might see Cammy as lower tier, but that just means they won’t bother to learn her tricks, so they won’t know what to expect. I think it was the same way for Hayao.


same here. i <3 cvs2 and alpha 2

vega sucks, rose sucks, sakura sucks and gen aint all that great.:tdown:


yeah i play cammy in preaty much every street fighter i can except 4 for some reason her dmg is horrible in this game or it just feels like that to me.


I don’t think you should give up Cammy altogether, but have an alternate, if it helps you enjoy the game alot more. I’m not gonna lie, it takes a lot of work and dedication to play Cammy at higher levels, 'cause she doesn’t have any economical moves to consistently lockdown opponents, all you can really do is bait and punish. She has solid pokes, but if you go against opponents who are defensive (Guile) and can punish or and outzone you, you’re in for a real battle. I totally understand how you feel, 'cause one night I have 2900 bp and the next night I drop to 2400, it does get fustrating, but I enjoy playing her, that’s why I keep practicing, and the fact when I play online I can count on one hand how many Cammy players I go against in a week. I say don’t quit her, but, if you’re not comfortable playing or losing desire, play someone that you’re more comfortable with and can have a better experience, that counts more than anything else.


I’m in a similar boat. I’m not great (learning, but so is everyone, right?) but I’ve been focusing a lot of time and energy on Cammy as I like the character’s play style.

However, I can’t help but notice that I can get seriously trounced with Cammy, a problem I don’t have to the same extent with some of the other character (Gouken most notably). I just got trounced all last night which was pretty frustrating and it always feels like there’s just not enough “punch” for the kinds of risks you have to take.

I think for the time being my solution to it is going to be putting more time into one of the other characters I’ve wanted to learn and then come back to Cammy, see how the experience has changed me. I really want to like her as she was one of my favorite characters in ST but I’m just not sure she’s a great choice of main this time around.


Cammy would be easy as fuck if DK hit high and Hooligan grabbed crouching. Cammy has great advantages over a lot of characters and is only really disadvantaged vs hard turtle characters. Since Sagat is one of my easiest matchups now and there is a massive amount of complaining, I feel I’m coming on my own.

Beating balrog is a bitch that I have to work on but she’s a sick character. Fast, damaging and the most natural feeling for any SF4 character. Keep playing, she owns

If blind picking ever got patches into SF4 I have a feeling playing Cammy would become wayyyyyy easier. Does anyone else refuse to wait forever to pick their character?


It would seem to me that the general problem that Cammy players are having is that, unlike all of the other console characters and the majority of the original cast for that matter, Cammy simply has no point of reference, which is to say that there really isn’t a former incarnation of Cammy that plays the same way as this one. She’s simply different then before, and different doesn’t equate to bad, but it does mean that the Cammy vets are pretty much starting from scratch in SF4.

For example:

Cammy’s primary tools in terms of specials are her Cannon Spikes and her Cannon Strikes. Spiral Arrows are okay if you know how to place them, but they are definately far from abusable.

Her best normals are her c.Short, c.Jab, c.Fierce, cl.s.Strong, c.Strong, c.Forward, j.Fierce and j.RH.

Cammy has one of, if not the best anti-airs in the game with her Cannon Spike which will stop pretty much everything your opponent can dish out in the sky, as well as her c.Fierce, her air-grab and her high priority air-to-airs.

She does oodles of damage between her Cannon Spike FADC/Trade combo into another Cannon Spike or Ultra, her TK Cannon Strike combos which deal anywhere from a-third to one-half of your opponents health depending on whether or not you’re sitting on Ultra, her punishers and her counter-hit combos (c.Fierce into Ultra in particular, which is obscenely easy to hit-confirm). She does solid damage off of her BNB cShort, cJab, cShort XX RH Spiral Arrow which leads to more mix-up.

She has solid mix-up between tick-grabs, grab baits ala TK Cannon Strikes, and general baiting against shoryuken happy opponents. She has great safe-jump set-ups off of her Frankensteiner grab and she can force whiffed shoryus via cross-up Cannon Strikes and punish, or she can outright cross her opponent up with a Cannon Strike which happens to be one of the most ambiguous cross-ups in this game.

She has great EX options; her EX Spiral Arrow shits all over fireballers mid-screen and her EX Hooligan does the same from full-screen. Neutral/backwards jumping with her EX Cannon Strike is a mind-fuck when implemented in mix-up, all though it does kind of suck that you can’t do this with her normal Cannon Strikes.

I’d go on, but I need to cram for my French Exam which is in one hour.

BTW, I can understand when the CvS2 players moan about this Cammy because CvS2 Cammy was god-like, but when I hear ST players dissing on SF4 Cammy I have to laugh; why would you want her to play like her worst incarnation?



I honestly feel you pain here. Cammy, in SFIV, is definitely a character where you have to be “on” to win. When playing, I rarely find myself breathing a sigh of relief when the opponent picks any character, as everything seems like an uphill battle.

Like most people, I tried, in the beginning, to play her CVS2 style (because of the CStrike) rather than ST (although I used mainly her in both games), and I quickly found that the tactics were not working AT ALL. Free CSpike? Nope. Safe Drill? Nay. Useful Holligan? Nu-uh.

Cammy is a different animal in this game, as we all are coming to realize. I guess most of us just figured it was time that they FINALLY made our girl top tier, and that capcom was going to throw us a bone on this one. Alas, it was not to be. Before anyone goes off saying that it is too early to tell, I highly doubt any of us are missing some game-breaking strat on Cammy that will turn the tables and make her god or even top tier. She will be mid at best IMHO. I hope, however, that I am wrong about this, and I will keep playing her regardless.

As I said before, she just has to be “on” to work. Sometimes she is garbage, but other times, I find myself getting perfects against decent opponents because I am using her wisely and making them guess exactly what she is going to do next. Every match is tough, and you know (since you played her so much in ST) that her character specific match-ups require you to totally change gears and how you play her. Not to mention that online, you can be playing new people all the time, and you have no idea how this player will respond to your Cammy. (I swear, every time a ken hits me with a DP I wanna smack myself)

My point to this rambling post is that, despite all of these flaws and the constant uphill struggle, I will continue to play Cammy, simply because she is what makes this game fun for me. I know she may not be the best bet for tournaments, but playing a character that you love rather than one that you feel safe with has its benefits. The joy that you have from using that character will directly correspond to your want to become better and know it inside and out (This is why I never really learned how to play as storm in MVC2 as well as Magneto).

I highly doubt I would have bought SFIV at all if Cammy was not in it (eh…maybe I would have played Viper…). She MAKES this game for me.

Regardless of what you do, I know you have way more knowledge of the character than me, and I wish you the best. I do hope, however, that you stick with we Cammy fans, we need the strength in numbers, because, if they were only a few of us, we would look completely insane.



I feel your pain. I’ve been a decent Ken player for many years, but after a long hiatus and “growing up”…I find him boring. I find playing Cammy extremely fun, but it’s wearing down.

Last night I was getting my ass handed to me by my friends (most are in the 3,000 BP range). It felt crappy. These are guys I could have beaten had I went back with old familiar Ken.

Same as online, sometimes I get tempted to use Ken to boost my BP rating, but really want to be dedicated to Cammy.

I found last night really wearing.