"Our spirits are better now." General Cammy Discussion

i’ll add you a little later.

I always get a good laugh at myself when I fail at it. I blame it on the fact that my reaction times are ass.

Attention: SeikuRyu

You are ordered to stop misleading unsuspecting IRC peoples with your talk of certain stages being shorter/longer than others.

FACT - Africa: Solar Eclipse is exactly the same length as Overpass, which is exactly the same length as Snowy Railyard, which is exactly the same as Crowded Street Scene, which is exactly the same length as every other stage in the game. Down to the exact frame.

You have been warned.


oh, then I don’t know what my friend was talking about haha

glad to see my underlings test the things I don’t feel like testing <3

I heard this too. Someone told me it was the reason Mago picks Overpass so much. Shorter stage = easy cornering.

They’re all exactly the same length. It takes exactly 531F for a Cammy to push another Cammy from one corner to the other on every stage. As for the Overpass thing, maybe it just “feels” shorter for some reason. This is why I pick Snowy Railyard all the time:

  1. It has the big train that’s about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way to the left, but makes the corner feel closer because of how large objects like that are usually placed directly in the corners of stages. People are more likely to subconsciously see the train and think ‘omg corner incoming, need to escape’ than on other stages. No idea what the equivalent would be for Overpass though.

  2. Very very easy to see the bright yellow COUNTER HIT text outline against the dark background. The more contrast on the visual cue, the easier to react.

  3. Music is very relaxing!

  1. Tokido’s Akuma blends into the background.

When playing against dee jay all i see is his pants and his smile on that level… -_-;

Yo, I played Cammy back in Super and am now picking her back up. I’m not sure if this has already been discussed or what but the AE 2012 blog posts mentioned that the only change she’s getting back is her hit properties on Heavy Spiral Arrow in SSF4, stating that she will no longer go under the opponent in the corner. Does this also mean that we can effectively FADC being further away after her first hit on her HK Spiral Arrow, just like it was in SSF4, too? Instead of being so close for the first hit to land in AE. I would love that.

Yes DeRezz, it will be the exact same properties.

LOL, this is too funny. Spidey/Cammy mains: ASSEMBLE!!!

I don’t main spiderman… -_-;

Lol, just messing because there’s at least 3 of us here that do… except I’m super terribad at Street Fighter. =\

i heard people said too. Fuudo likes to pick that stage too. Must be Mago teaches him since he said he learn everything from mago.
and Tokido picks his stage for camouflage. lol.

i pick the snowy railyard stage because i assume that’s the only place Cammy is likely to wander into… and i like the backround… the ruskies drinking vodka by the fire one of the reasons we got a ‘T’…

I pick random. That’s my favorite stage. :3

Real men pick Africa.

She’s definitely dressed for the occasion. :stuck_out_tongue:
That’s my favorite stage too.
I’m hoping they have Cammy’s ST stage in SFxT!

I like africa alot

training stage or old temple.