Our W2's came in! How'd you do last year?


Just curious to see how everyone did last year during this godawful recession. I guess this thread could be used when people know how much they’re getting back too. :woot:

As for me, not too great since I got my degree in May and worked part time until November. All in all I made around $22,000. Since I live in AL though, I guess that’s not terrible…


I made about $2,200. :p:

I need to find a permanent job.


I’m getting back around $750. I had a very shitty job at the beginning of the year and didn’t get my new real job till the middle of the year so my income isn’t what it could be. I keep hearing that everybody is eligable for an extra $400 on there return. Is this true? My dad usually helps me out with my taxes and well my whole family for that matter, and he said he got a tip on this and looked it up and said it was true. He did my Aunt and Uncles taxes and got them the extra $400, he told me that I would get it as well and that almost everybody is eligable, but I have no idea what he is talking about.



I’m getting back $1300 from the feds, $350 from SC, and paying back $350 to MD. Fuck MD.


I haven’t been able to find work in 2009…so yeah.:bluu:


My employer shipped my W2 to the wrong address. :annoy: I’m not sure yet.


Oh shit…hope whoever gets it doesn’t open it.


I only made $4,500 ish this year…Blown cause last year I made close to $10k. I guess that’s what living at school and not working does to you…


just over $2000. I was in Japan for half the year, and since coming back been mainly living off of financial aid, then finally found a part time job end of September.


I feel your pain. Don’t give up, I’m still trying my best to improve everything and researching what I can do to increase the possibility of getting hired.


why not use your last pay stub?

About the 400 tax credit, no you are not getting it. It was already disbursed to you in some form or another.

My take home pay this year was >50k.

im getting 1404 back from uncle sam. Interest earned 0 :frowning:


Yeah I’m basically doing the same thing…learning new skills for the workplace.
My goal is to get a job by summer…regardless if I get or don’t get my certs before then.


I did okay last year. Turbo Tax got me a fair amount of money for little effort.


I don’t have my W2 and can’t print it off the network yet :bluu: I’ve been trying to take care of my taxes ASAP for once.

Very very frustrated…

  • :bluu:


Last year I got back at least $1,600 = $1,300 from the feds and $310 from Maryland. I didn’t work for a full year since I had 4 temp jobs and 1 perm. job. $1

This year? $239. I have a permanent job and I worked for the full year. The more you make, the more you become Uncle Sam’s bitch.



So I went to H&R Block and got back like $3,200 from federal but had to pay state $99. So after paying state and then H&R’s fees I’m taking home like $2,900.:smokin:

I’m jazzed since this is the first time I’ve EVER gotten money back.


I made a little over 65K this year, getting back around 3G’s from the feds, somehow ended up getting back like $80 bucks from NYC.

Do you guys pay a service like H&R Block or do you use Turbo Tax?



I’m getting back about $5k in Fed and $500 from state.


Pics or it didn’t happen.

OT: I got back $3300 from Fed and $207 from state.


I guess I’m the only one who owes the IRS money. That sucks lol.