Out of these games which three are worth importing?

plz give me your top three choices…or list in order you would get.

kof XI
SVC (ps2)
samurai spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuten
samurai spirits Zero
Garou Densetsu Battle Archives


KOF XI for sure
I would with NGBC hard 2 say, good damge but all NGBC players turned into XI players so u wont hear much on this game anymore
Neo-Wave? um no it came out here and all it is is is 2k2 lol
I would get the Garou collection if u dont have any of those games (SNES + Genesis shit dont count!!!)

in the order of priority


Definitely KOF XI, followed by Garou: Mark of the Wolves, and lastly Samurai Spirits: Tenkaichi Kenkakuten. I didn’t care for NGBC at all, and the load times are appauling. I heard Darkstalkers was very well done, I haven’t played it though so I can’t really comment on it.

Hey, there’s an error in your list, SVC isn’t a game.


I’d have to say…don’t get ones you can get here. The Japanese versions may be better…but if you can only get three…it’s gotta be what the others said, NGBC, KOFXI and Garou.

kof XI - yes
NGBC - yes
Neowave - maybe, if you have KOF’02 & KOF XI you probably could skip NW
Garou - yes
Darkstalkers - yes
SVC (ps2) - no
samurai spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuten - yes
samurai spirits Zero - no
Garou Densetsu Battle Archives - if you like old school, then yes

darkstalker collection

XI, Tenka, DarkStalkers

Garou: MOTW
Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuten

kof XI-Definetly
NGBC-Yes(I liked it)
Neowave-Hmmm…no, it’s out here.
SVC (ps2)-Eww…
samurai spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuten-Yes
samurai spirits Zero-No
Garou Densetsu Battle Archives-Yes

I have played all of those before, but don’t own any. I do have a question though:

My friend modded his PS2 and imported most of those(I play them there). Thing is, I also want to buy most of those titles(along with GGXX/), but can I just buy a Japanese PS2 and run it here(don’t want to mod), or do I need a power converter of some sort?

You can buy a jap PS2 and a power converter is not needed.

I’d have to agree


KOFXI if you have competition in your area you wont get bored


KOFXI,SSTenka,NGBC,NeoWave(How could I not support it if I have Young Geese in my av???), Garou, I’d say Garou Battle Arcives last because its a older game…

NGBC and XI have different systems so keep that in mind…they ain’t the same…and the characters surely aint either for the most part…NGBC has characters that could not appear in a KOF storyline…maybe a Dream match but having Kaede/Haohmaru in KOF NW2 would be whack!!! :looney:

And for NW, there are some differences between that and 2k2, but I would get NW after you get your other three…Like XI, NGBC, Tenka…

Why get the PS2 version of MOTW when it’s already on Dreamcast and emulated as well? Be a waste unless you plan on getting the edition that includes the red Neo-Stick. SvC Chaos and Samurai Showdown V are both on the Xbox, and really cheap might I add, plus they are emulated.

I’d focus on getting the games you probably won’t be seeing in the USA for awhile and aren’t emulated, like KOFXI, NGBC and SS Tenka.

KOF, NGBC, and the final would depend on what you like more Garou or Samurai Shodown: TK.

Out of the obvious ones

Garou Mark Of The Wolves:tup:

Sam Sho Tenka and KOF XI

I don’t know about the other ones

they’re ok and all

but I’d say NGBC a good distance at 3rd