Outer Limits Anderson, SC 6/11/05 Results

June 11th, 2005

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Results:

1st Jae Purvis "ShinRyuX"
2nd June Ro "dooboy"
3rd Kevin Hutchins "The_Gunslinger"
4th Keith Daniels "CHILI DOG"
5th Michael Clark "COMPTON ASS PETE"
5th Sora Arrington "Tron Li"
7th William Harrison "Taz"
7th Chris Lee "kenpunch12"
9th Dan Auvil "MagicChef"
9th John Stowe "JohnnyQuest"
9th Stanley Evans "SME"
9th Shane Hill "Grey Goose"
13th Scott Gaines “Sdouble”

Tekken 5 Results:

1st Bane
2nd Chuck Moore "lingdynasty"
3rd Kevin Crafts "Gohan"
4th Jason Hamilton "HI-Isamu"
5th Mike Gibson "Takari"
5th ATM
7th Rahul Gaikwad "Brushimitsu"
7th Jae Purvis "ShinRyuX"
9th Nick Alden "mormon"
9th June Ro "dooboy"
9th Stanley Evans "SME"
9th Dan Auvil "MagicChef"
13th Keith Daniels "CHILI DOG"
13th William Harrison "Taz"
13th Michael Ellison "NemesisEP"
13th Ryan Hatcher
17th Neil Burkett

Naruto 3:

  1. Logan
  2. ATM
  3. dooboy
  4. RedL!nk
  5. John Q
  6. JuleofShadow
  7. AAA Trey

DDR Standard (Great Attack):

  1. BeyondDark
  2. Logan
  3. Nick
  4. hollystahl

DDR Heavy:

  1. Stroud
  2. BeyondDark
  3. DF2K
  4. Nova
  5. Richard
  6. Rico
  7. hollystahl
  8. Billy
  9. Jalum

Super Smash Bros. Melee Team:

  1. DF2K/Billy
  2. Logan/Bowlby

Super Smash Bros. Free For All:
1st: DF2K
2nd: Billy
3rd: AAA Trey
4th: Red L!NK
5th: Khor
6th: Bowlby
7th: Heill B.
8th: Kyle

MvC2 and MvSF were unfortunately cancelled. Naruto 3 is one of the coolest games I’ve ever played.

Thanks to everyone so much for coming! Updated point totals can be found HERE. Big ups to the Atlanta, Charleston, and Memphis guys for making the trip out.

  • Kyah


Good shit you two, wait to show em what the better half of Charleston is like ~_^

Big Daddy Bane still making that money :frowning:

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike
13th Scott Gaines "Sdouble"
damn i’ve got a lot of work to do!!!
good tourney though, yeah naruto is bad ass!

comeon sdouble where u at man

I’m not coming to SC until Scott places top 5. :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn i suck…

I will improve though, i’m finally getting really dedicated after seeing how trash i did. :tdown:

top 5…

damn, the pressure… i drew keith in the first round and he broke my morale with chun’s d mk. super. but i just started playing with elena and i used her against chun which is a shit idea.

I need to go back to dudley i think. I love akuma but he takes damage like a bitch. I just need to play smarter, alot smarter. Sora peaced me out.

but fuck the excuses i will do better next time. nothing but execution practice until then.

play one character.

Make sure it’s Ken or Chun-li

Icege= Make sure it’s Ken or Chun-li

yeah i might as well right, god they do rule but i like to be fancy so that’s probably why i get in trouble i like elean’s juggle after her super, and dudley well getting juggle wit it. i’m sorry that’s a terrible pun but any way akuma teleporting is always cool and crazy.

I just need to play more basic until i get those mastered. I know what i fuck up on, but i don’t have enough discipline yet.