Outer Limits Summer Series (Anderson, SC) Results 5/28 - 8/20

Outer Limits Summer Series (Anderson, SC) Results 5/28 - 8/20 (FINAL UPDATE)

Final Summer Points Totals (Cumulative):
(After all 7 Tournaments)

3rd Strike:

  1. 101 POINTS - Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX”
  2. 37 POINTS - Kevin Hutchins “The_Gunslinger”
  3. 35 POINTS - Michael Clark “COMPTON ASS PETE”
  4. 31 POINTS - Ted King “LiquiTed”
  5. 28 POINTS - Keith Daniels “CHILI DOG”
  6. 20 POINTS - Stanley Evans “SME”
  7. 15 POINTS - Chris Lee “Kenpunch12”
  8. 13 POINTS - Michael Gibson “Takari”
  9. 12 POINTS - Morgan Odom “Mr. Sakuraba”
  10. 10 POINTS - Trey Williamson
  11. 10 POINTS - John Stowe “JohnnyQuest”
  12. 8 POINTS - Brandon Wood “Satoshi”
  13. 6 POINTS - Scott Gaines “SDouble”
  14. 5 POINTS - Shane Hill “GrayGoose”
  15. 4 POINTS - Dan Auvil “MagicChef”
  16. 4 POINTS - William Harrison “Taz”

Tekken 5:

  1. 56 POINTS - Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX”
  2. 51 POINTS - Larry Griffin “Tha_Janitor”
  3. 31 POINTS - Michael Gibson “Takari”
  4. 25 POINTS - Dez Morris “DEZ 187”
  5. 23 POINTS - Stanley Evans “SME”
  6. 16 POINTS - Tracy Blassingame
  7. 15 POINTS - Kyah Hicks “BobSmack”
  8. 8 POINTS - Dan Auvil “MagicChef”
  9. 8 POINTS - Brandon Wood “Satoshi”
  10. 8 POINTS - Rahul Gaikwad “Brushimitsu”
  11. 8 POINTS - Steven Torman “GrayHat”
  12. 7 POINTS - Brian Torman “Kanca”
  13. 7 POINTS - Keith Daniels “CHILI DOG”
  14. 7 POINTS - Kevin Hutchins “The_Gunslinger”
  15. 5 POINTS - Morgan Odom “Mr. Sakuraba”
  16. 5 POINTS - Tim Hiland “DaWasian”

May 28th, 3S and T5:
Thanks for such a great turnout! Wasn’t expecting as many as we had, some of you guys are going to have to work harder to catch up :tup: Results are posted by Ted further down in the thread.

June 11th, 3S/T5/N3/DDR/SSBM/DM:
Had a great time guys, thanks for sticking close most of the time. I can’t thank all of you guys enough, especially the Charleston guys, the Memphis guys, and Bane and June, who could have gone to RTD’s instead.

June 25th, 3S and T5
Mad props to Dez for finally showing up :slight_smile: But madder props to Morgan (Mr. Sakuraba) and Jay (epsilon) for coming up to hang out and play even though there was no prizes/money involved - that’s dedication!!! And yes, I finally decided to play in one of these…and got pwned :slight_smile: Real life takes its toll on one’s ability, I suppose…

July 9th, 3S and T5
Thanks to Morgan and the guys from York (DaWasian, Kanca, GrayHat) for coming so far out to participate. Thanks also to Larry for enlightening me in the ways of Baek and providing me with a day’s worth of entertainment as he mopped the floor with everyone lol. Oh, and Jordan: I told you so! lol j/k

July 23rd, 3S and T5
Good show all. Nina and Steve are whores. Windswept hair is out. Thanks to Morgan/Jay and the guys from York for making the trip again, hope all had fun. Watch out for Keith’s Feng in the future.

August 6th, 3S and T5
Excellent games today - some really close matches. Dan played a tight set with Jae, and Dez and Larry went ALL 14 MATCHES of the finals! Last one on the 20th! Don’t miss it!

August 20th, 3S, T5, MvC2, CvS2
See my big long post at the end

Thank you all for making the summer series successful. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did hosting it!

Outer Limits Ranking Battle Results

May 28th, 2005

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike

1st-Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” : Ken, Makoto
2nd- Kevin Hutchins “The Gunslinger” : Alex, Chun Li
3rd- Ted King “LiquiTed” : Urien
4th- Michael Clark : Ken
5th- Brandon Wood "Satoshi"
5th- Stanley Evans “SME” : Ryu
7th- John Stowe “JohnnyQuest” : Ken, Chun Li
7th Trey Williamson : Alex, Ken
9th- Michael Gibson “Tak” : Ken
9th- Chris Lee “Kenpunch12” : Ken, Urien
9th- Scott Gaines “SDouble” : Elena, Dudley
9th- Tracey Blassingame “PowaMove” : Ryu, Hugo
13th- Jason Hamilton “Isama” : Yun, Ken
13th- Shane Hill “GrayGoose” : Q

Tekken 5

1st- Larry Griffin "Tha_Janitor"
2nd- Michael Gibson "Tak"
3rd- Tracey Blassingame "PowaMove"
4th- Jae Purvis "ShinRyuX"
5th- Rahul Gaikwad "Brushimitsu"
5th- Jason Hamilton "Isama"
7th- Brandon Wood "Sahshi"
7th- Stanley Evans "SME"
9th- Quintin Simmons

Thanks to everyone who showed up and made this a great start for the series.


Here’s a layout of the Brackets from this past 3S Rankings Battle
If you like this I’ll keep them updated each tournament
If not, I won’t bother so post your feelings

Winner vs Loser

Round 1
Shane Hill vs Michael Clark
Jason Hamilton vs Chris Lee
Stanley Evans vs Trey Williamson
Tracey Blassingame vs Ted King
Brandon Wood vs John Stowe

Michael Gibson -auto win -Kevin Hutchins bounced to losers for late arrival
Scott Gaines -bye
Jae Purvis -bye

Winners Round 1
Michael C. vs Chris L
Stanley E vs Ted K
Scott G vs Brandon W
Michael G vs Jae P

Losers Round 1
Jason H vs Kevin H
Shane H vs Trey W

John S -bye
Tracey B -bye

Winners Round 2
Michael C vs Ted King
Brandon W vs Jae P

Losers Round 2
John S vs Michael G
Kevin H vs Chris L
Trey W vs Scott G
Tracey B vs Stanley E

Losers Round 3
John S vs Kevin H
Trey W vs Stanley E

Losers Round 4
Kevin H vs Brandon W
Stanley E vs Michael C

Losers Round 5
Kevin H vs Michael C

Winners Semi Finals
Ted K vs Jae P

Losers Semi Finals
Kevin H vs Ted King

Grand Finals
Jae P vs Kevin H

Thanks again to everyone who participated

June 11th, 2005

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Results:

1st Jae Purvis "ShinRyuX"
2nd June Ro "dooboy"
3rd Kevin Hutchins "The_Gunslinger"
4th Keith Daniels "CHILI DOG"
5th Michael Clark "COMPTON ASS PETE"
5th Sora Arrington "Tron Li"
7th William Harrison "Taz"
7th Chris Lee "kenpunch12"
9th Dan Auvil "MagicChef"
9th John Stowe "JohnnyQuest"
9th Stanley Evans "SME"
9th Shane Hill "Grey Goose"
13th Scott Gaines “Sdouble”

Tekken 5 Results:

1st Bane
2nd Chuck Moore "lingdynasty"
3rd Kevin Crafts "Gohan"
4th Jason Hamilton "HI-Isamu"
5th Mike Gibson "Takari"
5th ATM
7th Rahul Gaikwad "Brushimitsu"
7th Jae Purvis "ShinRyuX"
9th Nick Alden
9th June Ro "dooboy"
9th Stanley Evans "SME"
9th Dan Auvil "MagicChef"
13th Keith Daniels "CHILI DOG"
13th William Harrison "Taz"
13th Michael Ellison "NemesisEP"
13th Ryan Hatcher
17th Neil Burkett

June 25th, 2005 Summer Series Results (#3)

3rd Strike:

  1. Jae Purvis ShinRyuX
  2. Keith Daniels CHILI DOG
  3. Kevin Hutchins The_Gunslinger
  4. Jay Simon epsilon
  5. Chris Lee kenpunch12
  6. Ted King LiquiTed
  7. Michael Clark ComptonAssPete
  8. Stanley Evans SME
  9. Scott Gaines Sdouble
  10. Brandon Wood satoshi
  11. Michael Gibson Takari
  12. Shane Hill GreyGoose
  13. Dan Auvil MagicChef
  14. Morgan Odom Mr. Sakuraba
  15. Josh Coker

Tekken 5:

  1. Jae Purvis ShinRyuX
  2. Dez Morris DEZ 187
  3. Tracy Blassingame
  4. Michael Gibson Takari
  5. Larry Griffin Tha_Janitor
  6. Stanley Evans SME
  7. Kyah Hicks BobSmack
  8. Brandon Wood satoshi
  9. Dan Auvil MagicChef
  10. Shane Hill GreyGoose
  11. Kevin Hutchins The_Gunslinger
  12. Jay Simon epsilon
  13. Keith Daniels CHILI DOG
  14. Morgan Odom Mr. Sakuraba
  15. Josh Coker

July 9th, 2005 results (#4)

Street Fighter 3:3rd Strike

1st- Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” (14 points)-(59 total)
2nd- Keith Daniles “Chili Dog” (7 points)-(20 total)
3rd- Michael Clark “ComptonAP” (6 points)-(18 total)
4th- Kevin Hutchins “The_Gunslinger” (5 points)-(25 total)
5th-Ted King “LiquiTed” (4 points)-(14 total)
5th-Stanley Evans “SME” (4 points)-(13 total)
7th- Morgan Odom “Mr. Sakuraba” (3 points)-(4 total)
7th- Chris Lee “KenPunch12” (3 points)-(12 total)
9th- Jordan Harvey “Dark Akuma” (2 points)-(2 total)
9th- Brandon Wood “Satoshi” (2 points)-(8 total)
9th- Trey Williamson (2 points)-(5 total)
9th- Mike Gibson “Takari” (2 points)-(6 total)
13th- Josh Coker (1 point)-(2 total)
13th- Josh Thankson “saroorhai” (1 point)-(1 total)

Tekken 5
1st- Larry Griffin “THA_Janitor” (15 points)-(28 total)
2nd- Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” (8 points)-(31 total)
3rd- Dez Morris “DEZ 187” (6 points)-(14 total)
4th- Stanley Evans “SME” (5 points)-(14 total)
5th- Kyah Hicks “BobSmack” (4 points)-(7 total)
5th- Brian Torman “Kanca” (4 points)-(4 total)
7th- Mike Gibson “Takari” (3 points)-(19 total)
7th- Brandon Wood “Satoshi” (3 points)-(8 total)
9th- Steven Torman “GreyHat” (2 points)-(2 total)
9th- Morgan Odom “Mr. Sakuraba” (2 points)-(3 total)
9th- Josh Coker (2points)-(3 total)
9th- Jordan Harvey “Dark Akuma” (2 points)-(2 total)
13th- Kevin Hutchins “The_Gunslinger” (1 point)-(3 total)
13th- Rahul Gaikwad “Brushimitsu” (1 point)-(8 total)
13th- Tim Hiland “DaWaison” (1 point)-(1 total)

Another great event with more new faces. Everyone get ready for the big finale coming up Aug 20th. Looks like the Tekken competition is getting tighter with Jae and Larry just 3 points difference between them things could get exciting.
The 3rd Strike might look like a clean sweep for Jae but Keith has been doing better each tournament and with only a few points seperating the 2nd through 4th place the fight for next best is getting tougher.

Thanks for everyone who helped make this another great event.


Jae Purvis is cheap. You know why…cause he’s korean.

Derek Daniels

OMFG…that means he’s…he’s…ASIAN!!!

argh the agony!

Those asians know Kung-fu…that explains it all!


sorry i couldn’t make it. 4got 2day was my g-mom’s b-day… it was in spartanburg…
so ted
if you have a gathering at your house before the next tourney invite me and i’ll bring some spare cdr’s and of course my ass 2 get whipped by bobsmack in ssf2t since i didn’t get 2 make it…(<–out of breath).
jordan please don’t sell your jap, version of marvel yet. i need that copy very badly. if you still want the 3in1(mvc2,cvs2,sfiii) it’s yours.
kya btw “bang the machine”. if it’s made by TechTV then yea i do.
well cya guys later

I had fun. I have quite a bit of work to do before I can be competitive in these things, however.

Good shit guys. Larry is a soldier.

ive done nothing but read tz and practice to find ways around baek’s axis bullshit… Next time we meet sir, i will be prepared!! (ok prob not but still)

Keep an extra 5-spot on you for the next time I run into ya. And PM me your AIM name so we can trade vids. Or look for me online - EBobSmack

EDIT: You wanted Jordan’s Jap copy of MvC2 for DC? B/C I have all his stuff right now - I’m selling it for him. Just let me know.

Well well if it isn’t Mr. Daniels paying us a visit. I was kind of hoping to go to Evo this year but probably won’t happen. I heard you hit be big 30 this year. How’s cali?

Jae is a bully. He makes you lose.

All results from the past 4 tournaments have now been entered into the APEX system…go check out your regional rankings !


Kickass dude! Wasn’t expecting that.

You have Tracy in there twice…heheheheh POWAMOOOOOOVE!!!

I just cut and pasted our result pages so it was quick and easy…any changes that are required everyone just let me know and I can edit any mis-spellings or mis-understandings.


Thanks Ted :slight_smile:

July 23, 2005 Results:

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike

1st - Jae Purvis “ShinRyu X” (16 Points)
2nd - Ted King “LiquiTed” (8 Points)
3rd - Michael Clark “ComptonAP” (6 Points)
4th - Jay Simon “epsilon” (5 Points)
5th - Keith Daniels “CHILI DOG” (4 Points)
5th - Mike Gibson “Takari” (4 Points)
7th - John Stowe “JonnyQuest” (3 Points)
7th - Morgan Odom “Mr. Sakuraba” (3 Points)
9th - Stanley Evans “SME” (2 Points)
9th - Trey Williamson (2 Points)
9th - Kevin Hutchins “The_Gunslinger” (2 Points)
9th - Jordan Harvey “Dark Akuma” (2 Points)
13th - Chris Lee “kenpunch12” (1 Point)
13th - William Harrison “TaZ” (1 Point)
13th - Josh Thackson “saroorhai” (1 Point)
13th - Steven Torman “GrayHat” (1 Point)

Tekken 5

1st - Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” (12 Points)
2nd - Larry Griffin “Tha_Janitor” (6 Points)
3rd - Mike Gibson “Takari” (5 Points)
4th - Kyah Hicks “BobSmack” (4 Points)
5th - Stanley Evans “SME” (3 Points)
5th - Tracy Blassingame (3 Points)
7th - Keith Daniels “CHILI DOG” (2 Points)
7th - Steven Torman “GrayHat” (2 Points)
9th - Brian Torman “Kanca” (1 Point)
9th - Tim Hiland “DaWasian” (1 Point)
9th - Morgan Odom “Mr. Sakuraba” (1 Point)
9th - Jay Simon “epsilon” (1 Point)