Outlaw star avatar

hello my friends, this is tapps. i was wondering if anyone out their with mad avatar skills would make me an outlaw star avatar. i would just like the 3 main girls. melfina, suzuka, and the cat girl aisha. could it also flash to a picture of the xgp or the outlaw star. if you can’t get the ship it’s ok. but those of you who like a challange give mine a shot. i’ll be most greatful and you’ll be the best avatar make out their. thanks in advance.

where’s the pick i want to use

i hope i did this right if i did that the picture i want to use if it is possible. thanks.

my bad this is the right one

ok this is the right one sorry about the other one.

my bad again

man i new at this so i’m realy sorry i hope this one works if not i give up.

here’s the one of the ship, and the one above it has the girls, if someone can animate it for me i would be thankful.