Outlook express 6


Base included DBX format at a rate of 2097129kb breaks down and does not open in outlook express 6 is already the second time this happens and the same amount of base
Sent too without opening although there are only 80mb
What can be done that the file or database repair or pulled out of own writing?


Perhaps you tap the wrong community here, we’re primarily concern with rewiring arcade controllers not the innerworkings of Outlook Express.


You might use following methods, short guide from Microsoft below and if your corruption is severe check this out https://outlookexpress.recoverytoolbox.com/ Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express

  1. Identify all the .DBX files (folders) that you are going to restore but which do not exist yet on the new machine. This list of files would only include folders that you have created yourself and would not include folders like inbox, outbox, etc.
  2. Start Outlook Express and create a new folder for each one you identified in (1).
  3. For each new folder you have created you must highlight it - select it with your mouse as if you were going to see what is inside it. We know it is empty, but Outlook Express will not create the .dbx file until you do this. [Thanks to Ethan and “Biggles” separately for their input]
  4. Close Outlook Express. Now you will see that your Outlook Express installation will have a .DBX file for every folder you are about to restore.
  5. Now restore the .DBX files - that is you replace the empty dbx files created in 2 and 3 with the files from your backup.
  6. If you restored from CD it may be that the read attribute on the files has been set. In this case you will need to ensure that the read attribute is cleared for each file you restored (right-click on the file and choose “Properties”). [Contributed by Aaron Kuhn]
  7. If all is well, when you open Outlook Express now you will get all your restored messages.
    If you receive a message in your message body window “cannot display folder, you may be out of memory or disk space” after restoring, then it is likely you missed step 6. Go back and ensure your DBX files are NOT set to Read-Only.


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