Outlook express email error


When I started to open my Outlook Express I got an error: Message could not be displayed. I only want to repair outlook express data.


Did you JUST JOIN a fighting game based forum, and go to the arcade-stick based sub-forum, JUST to ask a question about Outlook Express, which was last offered bundled with Windows XP in 2001, and replaced by Windows Mail in 2005 (who was then in turn replaced by Windows Live Mail in 2007 and yet again by Microsoft Mail in 2016)?..


I was going to post “Just to a google search” but then I figured it was a troll account and was not going to reply.
I just going to ignore the next MS Office or Outlook related question next time.

Just let the post fall into obscurity.


Not only to ask this, but I thought here a lot smart users with unusual thoughts


Here’s an unusual thought:
I am actually starting to think all of these bogus Office help threads are kinda funny.

I say keep em coming. Roll the dice! Maybe you won’t get [continually] banned :slight_smile:



Last some years Microsoft Outlook Express is almost out of date, but some people are still using it. In case problems with .dbx files, visit https://onlinefile.repair/en/outlookexpress.html It was specially created for fast and secure restoration .dbx files



With all the recent Microsoft office posts on tech talk, what is your ruling.
We been getting alot of these threads lately.

If you are interested I can dig up links to some of the past MS Office threads.


No need, @Darksakul . Did the homework, @d3v

In addition to this thread, I’ve found:

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