Outlook + Hotmail

I tried setting up my Outlook to work with my hotmail account but it warns me I have to pay that 30$ a year fee. I’ve been told there’s an easy way around it though, anyone aware of it?

That is something Microsoft did that I noticed with Office 2003. Now with Office 2007 you can sync it to a free Hotmail account with no trouble. My Outlook 2007 is currently setup to sync with my work email, Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo.

urgh. gotta wait till I get vista then?

Nah, you can install Office 2007 on XP with no trouble. You can go and buy it or you can coughdownloadcough the program.

Not that I would ever do that…

Of course not, and you’d never ask me where to do that via PM if you want.

After getting office 2007 …through legal means… I’m still getting the same problem. Everything I read though tells me Hotmail removed that option and it’s now impossible to do. Yet I still know some people who got around it.