Outputting vh236h audio to two headsets



I am planning on having players use headsets for my next tournament, and was wondering how I would I go about being able to have both be able to plug in their headset and hear game audio, while having the sound still output through the monitor’s speakers for spectators. The headsets both use 3.5mm connectors.

I will be using an xbox360 for the tournament, if that matters.



The monitor has a headphone jack. Maybe get a splitter and have the players bring in their own headphones and plug in?


The monitor speakers get disabled if you use the headphone jack, that’s the problem. I want the monitor speakers to output sound too.


I don’t know if they’re SUPPOSED to have lousy audio, but the Asus VE247H that I recently bought has LOUSY speaker output!

You can toggle the speakers to max but the sound output is near the level of a whisper!

The picture quality, on the other hand, is excellent. Highly recommend LED’s for the best color separations and blacks. Way, way better than most monitors the lowside of an Apple Cinema Monitor.

Audio quality, on the other hand, stinks without external speakers or headset earphones. Totally useless audio-wise without those.
My last CRT monitor from Philips had much better external speakers!


Use a splitter so that you have one jack that can connect two headphones.

A typical head phone jack is 3.5 mm I think? So pretty much iPod headphones would work. There are actual headphones that cancel outside noise that also have the same size jack. :smiley: Would cost like 20 a pair though. Higher quality = More money.


Yeah you gonna need a splitter if you wanna do that


The monitor speakers disable if you use a splitter too.


The only way around it is to use the optical port on the xbox it wont cut the sound from the monitor but those headphones are bulky and need an outside power source usually.Just use your mp3 player if you need to reduce outside distractions you don’t need game audio


Get a 3 way splitter and use a set of powered external speakers for the spectators


Run the SCART/RCA’s into an external Monitor board (monitor as in sound, not display) and you can output to whatever you want to including back into the ASUS and control the levels individually.

Something like this.


If he’s going to do all that he might as well just go with something like this

and just plug it in to the optical jack of the Xbox it won’t affect the monitor sound at all


Now that I think about it this could work I know it works thorough optical sound comes out of the monitor speakers and headset


I would recommend some head phones with adjustable volume





you don’t need a spliter for the optical output it will play out both monitor speakers through hdmi and through headphones with optical


yea i dont know what i was thinking. lol durr



Can probably daisychain two together.


im actually curious about this myself.
in preparation for EVO, im not sure how it works as far as me bringing headsets.
i could bring a splitter and hope that my opponent also has a headset, but in the case that he doesnt, i will have sound and he wont

not sure how this works


The only option is optical you can’t split the audio signal with 3.5 splitter you have no idea who your opponent is going to be at any legit tournaments to know if he has headphones and 3.5 headset will cut all audio to internal speakers.