[OutRun 2] Unofficial Matchmaking Thread

Just got this game. Amazing as hell, accept for one thing: Nobody in the world plays this online! So discuss/match make here. Add ParryAll to your list if you wanna throw down some online OutRun 2.

Also: does anyone else notice that there is a TON of missing detail in the Daytona 2 and Super GT secret tracks? Textures are washed out, and where is the giant skeleton thing from Daytona 2? Where are the fish in the glass fish tank you drive under in Super GT? And why is there a ton of added slowdown? I can’t believe that even the Xbox can’t handle the power of Model 3 arcade games from 1996 and 1998 respectively. Very disapointing.

Yeah, shit I know where is the kick ass Daytona 2 music as well? Not to mention the tracks are missing all kinds of detail, AND they still slowdown really bad … fuckin Sega Model 3 board arcade, I’m telling you that shit was so ahead of its time its sick. It’s 2005 and they can’t match that shit.

I play sometimes. Go ahead and add my Gamertag if you’re up for it.

As for the bonus tracks, it’s not that they’ve lost detail but that they had to be adapted from the style of their source material. Super GT has a different style from Daytona 2 and they have a different style from Outrun2. Outrun2 went for a photorealistic design. The design in SuperGt/Scud Race and Daytona 2 is borderline fantasy (look at screenshots of these games and you’ll see), so some changes had to be made. Plus, they’re bonus stages so of course they don’t have the same things as their original versions (the glossyness of Scud Race, the over-the-top stuff in Daytona 2). Still, I’m glad that the tracks are in Outrun2 because it’s probably all we’ll get of these games (unless Sega makes a SegaAges compilation of SuperGT and Daytona).

As for game performance (graphics glitches, dropped framerates), the Xbox, while basically the same as the source Chihiro arcade board, is missing some memory and other features which affects game performance.

Here there. Have a noob question: I’ve had this game for a while (have’nt played it in ages though) is there a two player option (could not find one in the options) or is the only way you can play 2 player is through a link cable/XBL?

I’ve been looking for a split screen mode for a while, and I think it’s not in the game. It looks like the only way to play 2 or more players is through system link or XBL. Sad, I know. Bad move, Sumo… BAD!

Sweet! This game has the Daytona 2 and Super GT tracks?

Sucks about the slowdown and having to adopt to the "OutRun look " tho’. Might actaully pick this up now.

…and yes as ParryAll mentioned, Model 3 is just too fucking dope :pray: I remember when I first saw VF3 in the arcades :wow:

I heart AM2 :blush:

I have it but I have never played it online. Actually I only played it once, the day I got it, and I haven’t played it since, Forza is taking too much fof my time bow but I will probably play it later on down the line…

I don’t know about you guys, but my cousin and I always play through system link mode(yay for having two TVs and Xboxs in the same room). Shit kicks ass! :tup:

I’ve only played this game online a few times since I picked it up last year.

This game is all about Route 16. Omg for route 16… The best racinggame for the xbox.

No… there are at least 2 better racing games on XBox I know…

No. OutRun 2 > you. You don’t understand Sega racers. They are untouchable.

This game is great and all but Burnout 3 shits on this easily.

Not really. Outrun 2 requires more than one might first think. Every corner needs to be well taken and given the fact that you can take them all differently but at the same time fast the game gets a bigger depth to it then games like Burnout 3(which is a game all about boost, there is no driving skill in it). The better driver will always win in Outrun 2. The same can not be said about Burnout 3. :tup:

Thanks for the negative feedback, you give a bitch some power and look at how they abuse it. Anyway scores have more justice then your wack ass feedback or replies so I will consider what I said a fact, there are at least 5 different racing games on Xbox that own the shit outta Outrun 2.

Really? I feel every turn is the same and i rarely mess up unless i get bumped by car.

And those secret levels were done very poorly.

How can you feel that every turn is the same when you have to take them all differently for maximum results? :lame:

And talking like that about the “secret” lvl’s just shows how little you know about the game. They are all done in a way letting the F40 or the other faster cars to go at full speed. That is if you know how to play outrun 2. :rolleyes:

You’re just a bitch sheep who believes everthing the internet or EGM told you about racers. Daytona USA, Daytona 2, Sega Rally, Outrun 2…these racers are on a level that unless you are one of the few who get them, you will never comprehend why they are so leaps and bounds superior to the poop brown Forza Motorsports and Gran Turismo wanna bes of the world.

Your one of the twats that plays Gran Turismo and tweaks his car pretending that you know what you are doing, or that it matters, when you really don’t have a clue. Then you try to convince yourself driving 50 bland courses that all look the same with 500 different cars trying to get your class A license is fun because IGN and Gamespot told you it is :rolleyes:

I’ll explain it to you like this. Playing Forza or Rally Sport Challenge or whatever (because I know these are the racers you have in mind sheep) is like playing Mortal Kombat Deception when you could be playing 3rd Strike.

You’re such a fucking idiot. First of all, if you’re going to attempt to use the lame ass Gamespot System Wars slang at least get the shit right. A Sheep is a Nintendo Fanboy. Since I didn’t mention a single Nintendo game I am obviously not that. Second you don’t know shit about me or my play habits. Bitch I own many Sega racing games, I know what they did for the genre, but there is simply nothing great about Outrun 2. Sure, it’s fun for a while, but saying it’s better then the games I mentioned is just a joke. Also your analogy is absolutely horrible, they are in no way related or simular, your explanation lacks explaining, because you can’t since it’s so flawed. If anything Outrun 2 would be the “Mortal Combat” of racers due to it’s simplicity and scrub nature. You should be comparing the sims to 3rd Strike.

Lol I didn’t even know there was a gamespot slang. Wow, this proves my point entirely. What I mean by sheep is someone who follows and doesn’t lead. Someone who only goes by what they read. Someone who would review a game based on other reviews they have read. Someone who does not have a mind of their own. A twat basically. Anyone who goes to Gamespot, not to make fun of it, but to actually believe what they say, is a ‘sheep’.

People who like Sega racers are people who like gameplay. People who get more out of a 2d shooter or fighting game than a 3d sports or racing simulation. There is more gameplay in the 3 Daytona USA courses than in all 200 Gran Turismo courses. Knowing what you are doing, being good at it, the same feeling you get from working someone with your mind games in a good fighting game, or beating a difficult boss without dying in a good shooter, shaving seconds off your best time in Daytona, this is the feeling of good game design/good gameplay that I don’t expect someone like you to ever understand. It is something that modern videogame publications post GameFan have lost complete sight of.

Look dude, just go play whatever rubbish EGM or Gamespot threw a 10 at recently. Hmm lets look in this weeks issue…yes Jade Empire. Go play that piece of shit, please, and fuck off of my thread.

How many times will you make yourself look like an idiot? You don’t know me so don’t try to act like you know my tastes in games. I’m sure I own more Sega games then you do. I don’t just go by reviews, I actually own both Forza, gran Turismo 4 and Outrun 2, I can make my own decisions, I just use game publications and sites for back up, after all they do know more then you and most other people. Stop being such a Sega fanboy and accept the truth, Outrun 2 is nothing more then a fast and fun arcade game with very little depth, and there was already a superior arcade racer before it came out for XBox…