Outta control

I’m not gonna take individual posts to quote because they would be confusing without context, or would be too numerous to warrant doing so. So just go the url below and read the first few posts to see what I’m talking about.


and then in another thread:

and here is the pm:

First of all, while your negging me and passive aggressive bs is annoying it is not the reason I’m pised off. The only reason this is not a pm back to you is obviously because you wouldn’t respond anyway, plus the fact that you are making comments about seattle as a whole. So this is clearly the result you wanted. Saying you respect zach too much to post that you have no respect for seattle is a pretty copout excuse because the truth is you’re too pussy to post it on the board yourself.

I’m tired of this garbage attitude man. If you hate the nw/seattle/etc. so much then don’t post on the board. I may get frustrated that I play a game that no one else does, and I might bitch too much, but I wouldn’t go around saying that kinda crap about the people here. Especially in the roundabout cowardly ass way you are doing it.

Secondly, I’m not going to pretend I know kenny/ajay. I do know that they play like every freaking game ever though. From what I hear they only played 3s because you were bitching until they did, at which point you started insulting them. That kind of thing makes them not want to play in the first place and it makes you look bad for blaming your lack of skill on them.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I didn’t even really dig for some of the more awesome quotes from you.

LOL! I already knew about this whole “I lost respect for Seattle” nonsense. It’s funny to see it yet again. Lost respect? Why? Because people didn’t jump at your idea for ranbats? Come on man, only three people knew you in this entire forum on a first name basis and you wanna pout about it? Should it be surprising no one went for it? Not really. Way to disrespect a bunch of people for a stupid ass reason. Since you weren’t brave enough to post your views here, what was supposed to happen when you came back? Were you gonna go to Zach’s events and play and chill amongst people you don’t respect? Don’t lie, lol.

What’s the deal with neg repping someone anyway? If I don’t like what you say, then I’m gonna say it, fuck a power trip.

On a mildly unrelated note, you’re wrong about the elena comments as well.

spend a good five minutes on the elena board to find that one out.

You can hit two punches to cancel the super. Knockdown + dash back healing = win.

Way to be an ass and be wrong.

LOL @ this thread

I think the gross thing about Premium Account is it gives Jerkoff’s like Stuart to swing his Internet Dick for everybody to see. Straight up, " You dont like what i post/ i dont like your post / you dont love me so im gonna swing my internet dick on your internet rep… " type shit. Its funny how a WHOLE CORNER of the United States of America dosen’t like you. I just LOL’d typing that.

Seriously, I shake my head every time i see your sig… 3rd strike prodigy… WOW, and you have won what? 0. You calling yourself a 3rd Strike prodigy is like me calling myself a chess master and i dont know where to place a King and dont know what color goes 1st. Congrats, You are the new LTB… Without the Talent. But he is turning his stuff around, maybe you can too… maybe when you realize Zach’s house is more then just " alright "!

Lol: i know this is gonna get shut down, but its late and im bored.

Go ahead and try to swing your Internet dick at me " no homo " and neg rep me, i got people to replace that so that it wont even matter, Like you… and Ranbats!

Cosign to everything that Jetay has said, I wasn’t even going to try to say shit after reading about how “seattle is on some fan boi status for wanting to play CvS2.” But the fact that you’re acting like you’re making a stand by saying that you lost respect for the NW/Seattle scene pissed me the fuck off. Let break you the fuck down real quick.

First off you’re just a freshman in this scene with a bunch of seasoned vets. You’ve been playin CvS2 for over a year. That doesn’t say shit considering the fact that the game’s been out for 5+ years. And as far as the fan boi status shit goes. Seattle’s BEEN entering CvS2 for evo since 2k2…oh that’s right that’s when the game was first featured at EVO for that matter. Better learn to bust out the history books before you try to come high and mighty on some shit.

All you’ve been posting is a bunch of trash for the past few months. Especially about a bunch of random fucking games that no one up here really gives 2 fucks about… Hell this goes out to a whole bunch of the new face fools up in here. NO ONE IN TEAM SEATTLE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THESE OFF BEAT ASS GAMES. DROP THAT SHIT SOMEWHERE ELSE AND NOT IN OUR FUCKING FORUM.

There i fucking said it.

And like grey fox said if you disrespecting Seattle so much why are you browsing in our section to begin with? What’s even worse is you’re acting like your doing some monumental ass shit by saying that you don’t respect us as a scene. 1/2 the mother fuckers up here don’t even know who the fuck you are. Only those that post up here, and to them you’re nothing more than trash ass spam wasting bandwith and all that shit on their computers. I know that when i see a post by you i’m just sliding down the mouse wheel, cause if i wanted to see garbage i would just tilt my head into the kitchen.

And i don’t want to hear about how you’re some 3S prodigy when you haven’t even stepped foot outside this state for some competition. I’ll tell you this the big names up here didn’t get big by having some “best of the block” mentality. They went out and about and made names for themselves. Not on SRK but in person whoopin ass and takin names. So you need to take that shit off your sig till i see you place top 3 on some out of state shit.

In short you’re a weak ass scrub, that just runs his mouth on our forums too damn much, no one gives a fuck about you’re knowledge. You’re not coming on some new shit. Your opinion on how tight a game is ain’t valid, and don’t bother coming up to zach’s after you get your shit straight, cause i’ll make sure you get booted the fuck out as soon as you set your corny ass in the rotation.

And you can neg rep me till your dicks on swole. Cause i don’t need SRK rep to show that i’m on some kind of status. I got all the rep I need from these cat’s in here in real life.

It is very easy to come across to others in a negative manner through the interweb. As a result you will eventually get owned for free. More importantly, if no one knows who the hell you are and you shit on an entire region’s crew, don’t expect to be recieved with open arms.

whoa grey fox and the rest of seattle on the same side? never thought this day would come!

eitherway to the 3s prodigy, saying you don’t respect a scene is definatly the first way to never be in it again and definatly no way to try to improve it, i don’t really know who you are however i know you are obviously quite un-enthused about the scene so stick to your pokemon card games or something.

Im pretty sure “I’ve pretty much lost respect for Seattle” comes off in a negative manner whether online or in person.

WHO THE FUCK IS STUART HAYDEN ANYWAYS?? How can you lose respect for a scene you’ve never even really known? You weren’t around when shit was serious games wise, you don’t know shit. I think the avatar needs to make its return since you’ve proven yourself over and over again to be a completely ignorant bitch.

The comment about Elena is retarded. Both Combofiend and Justin play her at a top level. It’s Third Strike anyways, which is a dumb guessing game at the middle levels.

No one in the Northwest (Seattle) is very good at Third Strike. Canada and (especially) Japan should monumentally own you for free. I have SBO footage if you really need to understand that anyone in Japan is better than you. US is the junior varsity of 3S.

There were a lot of very good CvS2 and 3S players who stopped playing because of the lack of skill at life shown by certain players. Social skills > 3S skills. I’m OK with being a 3S scrub (you’ve probably played me, it’s obvious I suck), I just don’t want to be a life scrub. No one cares about your skills in a fighting game. It’s not going to get you a girlfriend, a good job, a house, a car, usually not lunch, and any monetary returns are going to suck when assessed versus time invested.

If you care about neg repping, go premium. Or pay $2 to be premium for a month, and that way you can see how neg repped you.

I think this is mountains out of mole hills. Who cares? If you really don’t like him it don’t matter that he don’t like you. And vice versa.

I think the only interesting question is why did he lose respect for the “seattle/gameworks/whatever crew”? Is there some validity to that? Or is it just an assessment of how we play at 3S after several years of not playing that game because we were previously creeped out by the lack of social skills shown by 3S players? In which case history is merely repeating itself, I guess. :smile:

I am 100% sure he would have never said that in person to anyone. Some people love the power brought forth to them by the keyboard, but yes I do agree.

It’s still entirely possible that he just was really heartbroken when he had to move out and maybe didn’t feel local people stood up for him/were there for him. This whole thing may be weird but more sensible than you’d think…
… I think the most illuminative thing now is just to hear from him.

Wow! Someone finally took it there… I now think i should say my 2 cents in the matter.

By far the longest post ever.

Im telling you Eminem- Those Drugs…Savage song…

I must admit. Ajay and myself like to play every fighter known to man even though it sucks. 3s wasn’t fun for me along time. He didn’t “force” us to play a damn thing…I just thought and i know now that Dudley is a fuckin savage always. Hands Down.

You guys fail to realize that, “Hey It’s 3s!!!” Im not fit for that game. I just wanted to learn a character and thus Dudley.

I think it’s fustration at his part because he was trying to push this “ranbats” idea for a year now. Obivously to gain respect, you must give respect. maybe people didn’t listen to him at the time because of the state the scene was already in or you guys just didn’t really care at the time…but either way.

I don’t know my educated guesses can only go so far without getting bopped so I’m going to stop while im ahead! -_-

Again about this god damn Elena match. Elena is a whore anyway. lol! We all have our faults but cool thing about it is that I admit that happened. Hell I get perfected by my friend, Johnny at marvel…that’s on youtube somewhere. Point is the Elena shit was nothing…on the other hand shit was BOPS, Son!

I knew you would laugh at this. Like my mom always keep telling me, God Don’t Like Ugly. Ya dig!

This thread does need hug on the serious tip.

Getting owned for free with options.

Yeah. Pablo does got a point. Talking all this crap and you don’t know even half of the Seattle scene.

People is going to get pissed. WHAT’S Beef?

The internet is a cruel, cruel world. Pick and choose your battles.

Mackdizzle! My thought’s exactly. I was pretty blown away when he got at Stu…I was amazed

Good questions…I’ll wait for him to answer those…

Before I answer that question. I’m going to aplogize to you and everyone else.

Sorry for all this drama going on…I should’ve did something.

He lost respect for the Seattle scene because he wasn’t heard. Plus fact this is Marvel country not 3s country. Beef with other peeps. Talking shit. Started drama before with the whole Orco (Ryan) thing started here.

Drama attracts ugly, God Doesn’t like Ugly’ Get the picture?

Let me just say I’m not on anyone’s side an any of this. So with that said…Let’s move on.

Duuuude, I didn’t read the thread at all but why the L are you posting a PM??? That’s mad disrespect.

I don’t care if SH said he lost all respect for “seattle/etc”, I still consider him a friend. No need to start/bring/push drama up on any board. FauxSerioux. Do something constructive GrayFox, start a thread on Ken or something…


Not quite man. Knockdown on anything that’s not a super = tech roll. Not really worth it. One of the only ways to get a full healing is to hit confirm off of scratch wheel which is harder to be consistant with. Better to stick with easy, guaranteed damage.

Above all else though, all this BS is dumb. Why perpetuate a thread like this anyway (which I’m inadvertantly doing)? I’m gonna go on record and say that I"m not publicly defending SH nor trying to smack GrayFox. Both sides effed up and really, truly need to keep internet drama away from us. NEITHER of them dictate’s what’s up. if ANYthing it is we, the members of the NW scene that call the shots.

Fuck a debate on us vs the world, right now we only prove to be our own worst enemy.


The thread in question. To summarize:

-He was mad that no one listened.
-He was mad that when I made a thread about tourneys, people listened.

Stupid right?

Ummm, I really dont think this is just internet drama because im pretty sure the guys would say and deal with this in person but it seems Stuart wants to take shots at a scene and people at through the internet, so why be mad if people take shots back? Untill you have a reason or example on how the other side F’ed up, " and from what i have seen so far " he dosent have a reason to be going off through AIM and other net means to be like Fuck the NW.

I think its gross how we can't say exactly how the fuck we feel and are suppose to be act like we are all suppose to love each other to put on a front for other area's. I think if you truely belive in what you say, you really wont give a fuck what other people say about you and just say it " Its gotten me some beefs with people, but again i truely dont give a fuck "!  I cant see how we are our own worst enemy  just b/c a group dosent like a person who has givin NOTHING to the scene but stupid shit and the fact we put it on blast. I like how this is being put up. Instead of people walking on eggshells due to what other people think.

I dont know if im clear on what im saying. I hope i am, but i seriously more people would be put on blast for the stupid stuff they say and do. Even if it is me " i realize my Fuck it attitude is a double edge sword " Stuart got caught up throwing a hissy fit for not being listened too. Like we were suppose to for some strange " listen to the random new guy " reason. Im glad we are at the point where we are telling people to build there reputation in person and in real life. Instead of building it in the Green Bar Thread of General Disscussion of SRK!

i just picked a booger out of my nose that looks like richard nixon…


i came in here because of the weird thread title… then i saw n-ken’s avatar

that shit is horrifying

Stop posting dumb shit.